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Royal Resorts in Cancun rescue and release 3,773 baby sea turtles this year

Royal Resorts' sea turtle protection programme in Cancun has been a success once again as 3,773 baby sea turtles have been already rescued and released into the ocean this year. There have been 193 nests on the beaches in the Mexican region so far, with turtles laying 22,204 eggs on Royal Resorts properties.

Royal Resorts in Cancun rescue and release 3,773 baby sea turtles this year

The sea turtle production team at Royal Resorts in Cancun, Mexico has announced that so far this year, 3,773 baby sea turtles have been rescued and released into the ocean.

Earlier this summer, adult sea turtles came on to the sandy beaches in Cancun to lay their eggs, and the team who are in charge of the Royal Resorts' sea turtle protection programme have counted 193 nests with turtles laying 22,204 eggs so far.

At The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander, a total of 1,944 turtles were released, 1,279 were released from The Royal Sands, and 92 from Grand Residences.

The Royal Resorts sea turtle protection programme was established in 1998, and over the decades, it has protected a total of 6,264 nests and released 522,394 sea turtles. Hotel guests staying at the luxury beachfront resorts are invited to watch the turtle protection team release the beautiful baby sea turtles after they have hatched on the beaches in Cancun.

Sea turtles are an endangered species in Mexico and the United States due to fishermen killing them in large numbers and many die after being caught up in fishing lines and nets or from swallowing plastics and dangerous debris.

Baby sea turtles are often at risk from preying birds, crabs, birds, raccoons and dogs as they make their way from the nests on the beaches to the ocean. Many are disorientated by artificial lights of beachfront hotels, houses or structures before they reach the water's edge.

To aid the baby turtles in their journey, the security staff members at Royal Resorts transfer the sea turtle eggs to purpose-built corrals to protect them from human activity or coastal development. Then, when the eggs hatch, guests staying at the hotels will have the opportunity to watch and help set the tiny baby turtles free.

Joanna Green, the Communication Manager at Royal Resorts, explained:

"At dusk, Royal Resorts guards get ready to release the baby turtles as members and guests look on. I saw my first sea turtle years ago and it is something I never miss.

"Every summer I'm on the beach watching these tiny creatures scuttle towards the waves and wishing them Godspeed. Their instinct and will to reach the sea is amazing, truly a miracle of life. I feel privileged to witness one of nature's wonders."

Tourists can catch sightings of the nests and baby turtles between August and November, with September and October being the quieter months to enjoy watching the turtles being released into the ocean.

Royal Resorts was established in 1975 and it operates six resorts across Cancun and the Riviera Maya: The Royal Cancun, The Royal Caribbean, The Royal Islander, The Royal Sands, The Royal Haciendas, and Grand Residences by Royal Resorts. The beachfront properties boast upscale accommodation and high end facilities that can be enjoyed by holidaymakers of all ages.

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