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Ohio photographer exhibits her Cuban collection in Brooklyn

A young, Ohio-born and New York based photographer will be exhibiting her collection of Cuba photographs next Saturday, 13th September 2014 at the Lark Cafe in Brooklyn. Hers is a very personal portrayal of recent Cuba that gives an "Intimate Glimpse into Un-sensationalized Realities" as the collection is entitled.

Ohio photographer exhibits her Cuban collection in Brooklyn

Hannah Berkeley Cohen, a former student of the University of Pittsburgh who graduated in Philosphy and Politics, is to soon publish her own collection of photographs that she took during her travels to Cuba, a unique piece of work that portrays and documents the youth of modern Cuba.

Entitled: "Cuba: Intimate Glimpse into Un-sensationalize Realities" the aim of this work of art is to tell the stories of different individuals, their daily lives and how sometimes they stand in stark contrast to one another. They document the daily realities of students, artists, dreamers and parents. Each of these persons leads a very different life and as such their opinions about their own country vary accordingly depending on their personal experience.

Offering a unique glimpse into the struggles and successes of real Cubans, these photographs are sometimes a direct reflection of the society that surrounds them, or so believes the author of this work, according to how Hannah herself describes it on her own website, Cuba Rising.

The exhibit will be showcased tomorrow 13th September in New York's Lark Cafe in Brooklyn from 7 to 9 p.m. and Hannah's formal invitation goes as follows:

"Come ready to meet like-minded people who have a vested interest in a plausible and positive future for Cuba. In attendance will be fellow photographers, economists, journalists, and perhaps even a few policy makers, all of whom are genuinely interested in the realities of modern-day Cuba and its transition in a somewhat unknown trajectory."

This work is the result of Hannah's dedicated personal investment in documenting the evolution of Cuban youth over the past few years. As well as photographing their stories, she also writes about what the future of Cuba may look like and tries to push for more Americans to travel to the island under the "People-to-People" license and learn about their enigmatic and often controversial neighbour.

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