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Melia Hotels removes shark fin from its menus in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Region of Melia Hotels International has announced that it will remove shark fin from its menus of its restaurants in its Melia hotels in the region to help protect the marine species. Millions of sharks are hunted killed every year for their fins which are the used in many Asian countries in a traditional soup.

Melia Hotels removes shark fin from its menus in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Region of Melia Hotels International announced earlier this week that shark fins will be removed from the menus of its restaurants in the region to help protect the species.

Melia hotels will also remove the shark fins from all events held at its facilities in the region as art of a commitment to sustainability.

Every year, between 70 million and 100 million sharks are hunted and killed for their fins which are used as a key ingredient in soups in China and as a delicacy in many Asian countries.

The marine world’s leading predators are killed in a cruel act which involves the shark being hauled onto a boat, its fins cut off, and the rest of the body is then thrown back into the ocean where it will drown or bleed to death.

Sharks play a vital role in the food chain by eliminating the weakest prey, maintaining balance with competitors, and guaranteeing the diversity of marine species. They provide habitats for coral reefs and algae and if sharks were eliminated in coral reef ecosystems, this could allow other predators to feed on herbivores whose loss would lead to the increased growth of macroalgae which kills off the corals. If the ecosystem is dominated by algae, the survival of the reef is endangered and the marine environment is unbalanced.

The brutal practice of shark finning was recently strictly banned by the European Union, after nearly ten years of campaigning.

Melia Hotels has taken the measures as part of the Global Sustainability and CSR policy and the hotel group believes that sustainability can only be achieved if the impact of operations on the natural environment is identified both locally and across the world.

The hotel group is committed to protecting the biological diversity and reducing the impact of its activities at all of its luxury hotels that it manages in countries worldwide.

Melia Hotels International is a Spanish-based hotel group that operates more than 26 hotels in Cuba and 350 hotels in total in 35 countries across the world.

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