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The Manta Resort launches its underwater hotel room on Pemba Island

The Manta Resort in Tanzania's Pemba Island has defied the current trend of sky scraper hotels, launching its underwater room. The room sits 4 meters below the surface and offers a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean and the abundant marine life thriving in these crystal clear waters.

The Manta Resort launches its underwater hotel room on Pemba Island

The Manta Resort in Tanzania offers its guests the unique opportunity to sleep with the fishes in its stunning "Bedroom Under the Sea". The innovative room has been recently added to the 16 bedroom luxury beach resort and was designed by the Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels the same firm which can be credited with the design of The Utter Inn's underwater room.

The bedroom of this luxury suite is situated 250 meters offshore Pemba Island, a location popular with holidaymakers booking holidays in Tanzania thanks to its unbeatable combination of the nearby unspoiled coral reef, azure waters and white sandy beaches. Spotlights are positioned under the windows to attract and illuminate squid and octopus making for a truly breathtaking view of the best of what the Indian Ocean has to offer at night time.

Not only will guests enjoy a truly immersive underwater experience but with the suite spreading over three stories, holidaymakers will also be able to enjoy a private rooftop deck as well as a bathroom and lounge area sea level.

Pemba Island has for a long time been one of the Indian Ocean's best kept secrets, separated from the mainland of Tanzania and Zanzibar its inaccessibility meant that it remained virtually untouched and it is perhaps no coincidence that it is known as "The Green Island". However, news of the "Underwater Room" has created quite a stir with pictures circulating on social media and other news sites including CNN, this creative idea has likely placed this pristine island in the forefront of many holidaymakers' minds.

Officials at the Manta Resort have disclosed that six guests have stayed in the underwater room so far, but with such a mind blowing view on offer this room is likely to be a major attraction in itself for travellers booking their holidays on Tanzania's Pemba Island.

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