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Nicaragua's Corn Islands now a National Tourism Heritage Site

The government of Nicaragua has announced the decision to declare the Corn Islands as a National Tourism Heritage Site. The decision was backed by both sides of the government and will open the doors for the development of the infrastructure on both islands. Officials have already announced plans to add 150 hotel rooms and to review the seaport and airport infrastructure across both Little Corn Island and Big Corn Island.

Nicaragua's Corn Islands now a National Tourism Heritage Site

Government officials in Nicaragua have announced the decision to declare the Corn Islands as a National Tourism Heritage Site.

The Corn Islands sit 40 miles off the coast of Nicaragua and are comprised of Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Both islands offer a laid back Caribbean holiday experience and unlike some of their more developed peers in the region there is relatively little influence from the West.

Colleen Kinder of the Washington Post attested to this as she remarked in a recent piece on her time spent at the islands, when she said:

"There are no cars on Little Corn. No buzz of motorcycles, no throttle or honk of any sort disturbs the air. You hear just two things as you wind around the cement footpath that is this island's only thoroughfare: the crash and withdrawal of waves".

The Nicaraguan government's decision to designate the islands "National Tourism Patrimony" is undoubtedly an important step in protecting the pristine islands amidst their growing popularity as a must see holiday destination in the Caribbean.

The islands were recently listed the Huffington Post's "Top 10 Destinations for an Endless Summer in Autumn". The Island's were listed alongside destinations like Barbuda, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica and Dunn's River Beach in Jamaica. Of the Corn Islands the article stated the following:

"Corn Island is as authentic as it gets. This island was once a refuge for pirates but is nowadays the haunt of shrimpers and lobster fishermen, two delicacies which are readily (and affordably) available on the island.

"Recently, Corn Island has seen a steady increase of travelers drawn by the island's perfect climate (mid-70's in November) and incredible reefs filled with colorful coral, rays, and barracudas".

Many expect that by declaring both the Big Corn Island and the Little Corn Island heritage sites, both islands will also benefit from improvements to their infrastructure making them more accessible for holidaymakers.

Officials have committed to adding 150 hotel room across the islands, increasing the total number of room to 650 and will also work to improve both the airport and seaport infrastructure on the islands. Local congressman and president of the National Assembly's Tourism Commission said at the time of the announcement:

"An island without an airport or a seaport has no future–this infrastructure is a fundamental factor for development".

These recent developments have certainly opened the door for further growth in Nicaragua's tourism sector and make it one of the Caribbean holiday destinations to watch in the coming years.

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