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New website publishes video showcasing the charming culture of Barbados

The new Barbados Tourism Encyclopaedia website just published a three-minute video portraying the interesting culture and lifestyle of locals. The material allows travellers a sneak-peek into the fun activities they can expect while on Barbados holidays.

New website publishes video showcasing the charming culture of Barbados

A new three-minute video, put together with film and images taken over the last few years of the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Barbadians, is now posted for everyone to see at the new Barbados Tourism Encyclopaedia website. Travellers can now get a preview of what Barbados holidays can be like, by just clicking on

World-class hotels and resorts, as well as top cuisine restaurants are shown in the material as some of the country’s most attractive features. However, it is precisely the people and customs of Barbados, what make it the most visited destination in the Caribbean. The video showcases all Bajans’ (as Barbadians call themselves) different lifestyles, from the simple ways of local fishermen to the exciting routines of businessmen.

Barbados’ unique geographical position, fascinating history and singular traditions makes it stand out amongst other Caribbean nations. The website, which hopes to attract more visitors to the island, also presents tourists looking for cultural and historical experiences in Barbados with interesting facts about the island, which once became the world’s largest rum and sugar producer, beating larger South American nations like Brazil. Among the many interesting details foreigners can learn is the fact the Barbados Charter of 1652 was the first of its kind to outline the concept of a sovereign nations where local government was not bound by the laws and taxes of England.

The island truly offers everything a holidaymaker could look for a in a relaxing getaway: marvellous all-inclusive resorts, luxury accommodations, golf, polo, tennis, residential resort and marina living, and beautiful white-sand beaches. And those who look for a quieter, more intimate experience will find peace in any of the many bed and breakfast inns, intimate hotels, self-catering apartments and quaint boutique hotels.

However those who wish to go out and enjoy the vibrant local scene will find that there many other attractive options to explore. Visitors who are interested in cultural holidays in Barbados, will have a more pleasant time heading out to have dinner at any of the island’s gourmet restaurants and open air cafes, or eating the delicious local street food or rum shop fare. Small but excellent establishments also serve incredible food; a side shack at Pebbles Beach offers freshly seasoned fish and recently-baked salt bread, one of the island’s most renowned specialities.

The popular holiday destination is also a wonderful place to live in. The United Nations have declared Barbados’ quality of life index among the best 20 countries in the world, and it has also been ranked fourth in literacy. The English Telegraph has placed it amongst the top ten countries in the world to buy a property and live in. The website really showcases the island’s many charms and has a lot more to come, as it is still a work in progress.

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