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Minister of Tourism announces plans to make Antigua holidays more popular

  • 16-Jan-13 13:18
  • Antigua
  • Caribbean Journal

Hoping that 2013 will be another successful year for the tourism industry, Antigua's Minister of Tourism has recently unveiled a series of measures and projects to enhance the quality of Antigua holidays offered to discerning travellers.

Minister of Tourism announces plans to make Antigua holidays more popular

John Maginley, Antigua’s Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation has recently revealed what he believed to be the main areas of focus for increasing the popularity of Antigua holidays among worldwide holidaymakers. While announcing his main projects for 2013 he identified the island’s five pillars of growth for the tourism sector which were outlined during the budget debate.

The five pillars or primary objectives of the Antiguan Tourism Ministry for 2013 are as follows:

1. Human Resource Development - create more and better jobs
2. Product Development, Marketing and Promotion - to consolidate higher investment returns
3. Airlift
4. Make businesses more sustainable to promote greater sector growth
5. Implementation of projects from Antigua’s Tourism Development Plan

The focus on these five areas hopes to create more demand among travellers with an expected increase in the number of holidaymakers planning luxury holidays to Antigua. Thanks to the creation of new jobs in the industry and the successful promotion of the tourism sector, the minister hopes to attract not only more holidaymakers but also more industry partners with better flight connections and an improved tourism infrastructure.

Addressing the fourth pillar an added trust within the ministry has been set up to raise awareness and support for the use of sustainable resources while in the area of Human Resources the emphasis is being placed on further training in the sector, new tourism awareness programmes and capacity building. This last attempt builds upon a recent training push in 2012 in collaboration with the OAS, which saw over 200 hospitality and tourism workers being trained across several fields.

Talking about Antigua’s Tourism Development Plan which was commissioned in 2012, the Minister said: “It is important to state that the sustainable governance of the tourism sector is crucial for the good management of the destination in collaboration with public and private players,”

Along with the five pillars of growth, Antigua will soon be launching a new digital marketing strategy which was first introduced last month. This consists of a fully functioning M-Commerce APP for iPad and iPhone users which will be launched in February 2012 and which will make Antigua the first country to launch an application of its kind.

In terms of airlift, Antigua took an aggressive strategy in 2012 which will continue into 2013 as a top priority area for increasing the number of international airlines servicing affordable flights to Antigua.

Speaking about this year’s overall tourism strategy, Mr Maginley added: “The tourism development programme will help to diversify tourism product offerings in order to satisfy the varying and diverse needs of our visitors, attract new market segments with new core and complementary products, increase global competitiveness, increase visitor expenditure, and enhance visitor satisfaction with cultural, natural and man-made sites by encouraging strategic sites and asset development,”

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