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End of Mayan Calendar filled Cancun hotels as tourist arrivals to Mexico break records

With so-called "doomsday" safely behind us now, the end of the Mayan calendar seems to have marked the beginning of a successful era for Mexico's holiday industry as Cancun hotels and resorts as well as tourist establishments in other popular beach destinations fill up to full capacity during this winter season.

End of Mayan Calendar filled Cancun hotels as tourist arrivals to Mexico break records

Even when the looming of what was expected to be “doomsday” according to the ancient Mayan calendar could have scared off potential travellers to the Mexican region where the prediction was made, more holidaymakers than ever rushed to fill Cancun hotels and resorts sparked by curiosity and wonderment about the “end of the Mayan Cycle” predictions.

The fear of the Mayan ‘Apocalypse’ may now have died down but Mexico’s tourism industry is still thriving with the large number of arrivals seen at the country’s airports while the most popular resorts are now full to 100 per cent capacity. With many taking the opportunity to spend Cancun holidays and learn more about the ancient Mayan civilisation, their culture and their beliefs, for Mexico’s holiday industry it’s hardly the end of the world.

According to Deputy Minister Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, widespread interest about the Mayans and the end of the Mayan calendar, helped draw a record-breaking 23 million visitors to Mexico in 2012. This led Maya-fuelled travel boost the numbers of passengers arriving to Cancun International Airport, which saw an all-time-high number of arrivals this year while hotels in Cancun reported a 40 per cent increase in revenue thanks to the large influx of tourist flocking in.

While 21st December 2012 officially marked the end of the Mayan Calendar’s 13th cycle, for the nation’s holiday industry it is definitely marking a new beginning. Much like the belief of many interpreters who said the end of the Mayan Calendar marked the start of a new era rather than an apocalypse, Mexican travel companies, Cancun hotels and hospitality business say they’re experiencing a revival in tourism nationwide.

Chief Financial Officer of Mexico City based hotel chain, Posadas, Ruben Ramiros, said “Mexico is on a roll”. During a telephone interview from London, Mr Ramiro added that bookings for hotel rooms "have really started to pick up by the second quarter and now we see a whole machine coming our way.”

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