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Myett's Garden Inn becomes the latest Green Globe certified eco-friendly resort in the British Virgin Islands

Myett's Garden Inn Resort on the island of Tortola has recently been named as one of only two resorts in the British Virgin Islands to be awarded the coveted Green Globe certification. The announcement is a reflection of the BVI's tourist board efforts to ensure that eco friendly holidays in the British Virgin Islands become more of a staple.

Myett's Garden Inn becomes the latest Green Globe certified eco-friendly resort in the British Virgin Islands

Myett’s Garden Inn Resort, located in Cane Garden Bay on the BVI island of Tortola, is the latest hotel to receive the much coveted Green Globe certification, making it one of the only two certified eco-friendly resorts in the British Virgin Islands. The certification announcement is undoubtedly a step in the right direction as the British Virgin Islands’ government in collaboration with the BVI tourist board seek to minimise the environmental effects of the archipelago’s booming tourism industry by developing sustainable tourism.

As part of the government’s ambition to promote sustainable holidays in the British Virgin Islands, the BVI Tourist Board developed the Sustainable Tourism Environmental Program (STEP) in November 2011. Myett’s Garden Inn Resort along with three other pilot properties agreed to take part in the STEP program by earning their environmental certification. The CEO of Green Globe Certification remarked, “we are extremely pleased to award the certification to Myett’s Garden Inn in the British Virgin Islands. The property comfortably met our requirements, and sets a wonderful example for BVI’s environmental movement. The long-term goal is to stimulate economic growth throughout the territory, while maintaining each unique aspect of this beautiful area”.

Some of the steps Myett’s Garden Inn has taken in order to join the growing list of eco-friendly hotels in the Caribbean region include, purchasing of eco-friendly and fair trade products where possible, sourcing products from local suppliers where possible, implementing a proper waste sorting system as well as ensuring that unused amenities are donated to local charities. Additionally, Myett’s has developed a comprehensive communication strategy which ensure that both staff and guests are aware of the hotels’ green initiatives and in an effort to further educate guests about the local community, guests staying at the hotel are welcomed to take part in local environmental and community-related activities.

Valerie Rhymer, Owner of Myett’s Garden Inn stated the following of her resorts participation in the STEP program and its recent certification, “Being part of STEP and working with Green Globe enabled us to be a more efficient company, and also provided the tools needed to educate my employees on environmental practices, enhancing awareness… I hope that Myett’s can act as a catalyst for other businesses throughout the territory inspiring them to join us in this great environmental movement to help protect and sustain the BVI’s beautiful environmental product”

With programmes like STEP and resorts like Myett’s Garden Inn paving the way for developing an environmentally friendly tourism industry in BVI, it won’t be long before holidays in the British Virgin Islands will become synonymous with sustainability.

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