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More Cuba hotels in the pipeline with new Cayo Coco hotel and more refurbishment projects planned

  • 08-Sep-12 11:51
  • Cuba
  • Radio Rebelde

Cuba tourism officials have confirmed the building of a new hotel property in Cayo Coco and the ongoing refurbishment works being carried out at a selection of Cuba hotels. The renovation projects aim not only to accommodate a larger influx of visitors as demand for Cuba holidays increases, but also to restore some old properties its former glory.

More Cuba hotels in the pipeline with new Cayo Coco hotel and more refurbishment projects planned

After the recent inaguration of a new E-hotel in Cienfuegos’ residential neighbourhood of Punta Gorda, Cuban tourism officials have confirmed the construction of more hotels in Cuba and the ongoing restoration works of many existing ones.

An official from the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in the island, Lidia Esther Brunet Nodarse recently unveiled the plans for the new Cuba hotels in the pipeline and thanked the sponsors’ investments in the projects.

She also explained how the first hotel in the works was new property to be built in Cayo Coco, a new five-star hotel with 518 rooms which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014. Besides the new Cayo Coco Coco, the complete restoration and renovation of the International Hotel of Varadero (the first one to have ever been built on the famed 20-kilometre beach stretch back in the 1950s) with a total of 800 rooms. Once an iconic resort property, Gran Caribe plans to restore its former grandeur after years of falling standards. After the renovation it aims to restore its prestige as one of the landmark Varadero hotels.

“We are not talking of their redesigning as they are new hotels that will increase the Gran Caribe hotel chain’s capacity to almost 14 thousand rooms, thus increasing their new incomes and efficiency." Lidia Esther Brunet Nodarse said.

Lidia went on to explain "By the end of the first six months of the current year, the aforementioned hotel chain grew up to and eleven per cent of the tourist income in comparison to the previous one and a six per cent of tourists due to the new price of the tourist package and the local hotels' middle average."

"The plan is conceived for four million tourists and more than 300 thousand national ones given that the internal segment constitutes an important market for the local incomes." Lidia concluded.

At present the Gran Caribe hotel chain has over 12,000 rooms worldwide, as well as 44,000 in Cuba. The new hotel projects and improvements to existing properties have the aim of not only restoring some Cuba hotels' former beauty but also enhancing accommodation capacity as demand grows for Cuba holidays among worldwide travellers.

"Cienfuegos has properly maintained all these years the Jagua hotel and the Tourism Ministry gave to the Gran Caribe hotel chain, the Unión, Palacio Azul, Rancho Luna and the Faro Luna hotels which is located in the main hotel square of the city which allows to develop the local hotel complex according to the requirements in terms of proper service, quality and incomes." she added on a final note.

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