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Seychellois group together to promote Seychelles holidays

Seychellois have grouped together to lift their once ailing tourism industry with more local entrepreneurs now involved in the travel sector. Tourism accounts for a large portion of Seychelles' GDP with over 190 000 people took Seychelles holidays in 2011

Seychellois group together to promote Seychelles holidays

In August 2010 Seychelles President James Michel launched a new vision for the archipelago’s tourism industry which was termed the “Seychelles Brand” of tourism. Under the new vision, President Michel called for cohesion among Seychellois, with greater participation in the industry, which accounts for a large proportion of the Seychelles’ GDP.

At the time president Michel stated, “Visitors to Seychelles can identify the distinct nature of Seychellois hospitality, our way of life and the unique beauty of our nature and the warmth of our people... It will reaffirm and open avenues for Seychellois ownership in tourism-related enterprises. I strongly believe in the ownership of this vital industry by Seychellois.”

Over a year later and there is already signs that the government’s vision has become a reality. Reports out of the Seychelles indicate that many Seychellois have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and have opened their own affordable bed and breakfast style accommodations accompanying the many luxurious Seychelles hotels that have made the holiday destination so popular.

 Seychelles Beach
Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

It is easy for a destination like the Seychelles to rest on its laurels and rely on the many beautiful white sand Seychelles beaches and exclusive Seychelles resorts to lure holidaymakers to book their Seychelles holidays. However, under the “Seychelles Brand” the government acknowledged that for the island chain to grow its tourism industry there was a need a need to move beyond the sun, sea and sand tourism and build on the value of the appeal of the Seychelles as a cultural destination.

We can no longer go out there in the global village with only our sun, sea and sand tags."

"The Seychelles brand goes beyond the physical beauty of our islands. It is the long awaited and much talked about bridge that brings Seychellois social cohesion, arts, history and culture closer to other civilizations” noted President Michel back in 2010.

 Seychelles Beach Resorts
Image by: IDEE_PER_VIAGGIARE, on Flickr

The now popular Seychelles Carnival is the ultimate vehicle for promoting the cultural diversity and richness that the Seychelles has to offer. Described as the Carnival of Carnivals, it is a showcase for not only the melting pot of cultures that comprise the Seychelles Islands but the world. Some of the best Carnival nations of the world, including Brazil, converge in the Seychelles capital of Victoria putting on a display that makes for the ultimate fun-filled, cultural Seychelles holidays experience.

Seychelles tourism has come a long way since 2008 as the global financial crisis put a damper on the industry outlook with a 30 per cent projected loss in visitors and subsequent income. The island chain has revitalised the industry with a restructuring plan which included a change up at the Tourism board with the appointment of Alain St. Ange as head as well as having President James Michel hold the Tourism portfolio directly.

In 2011, the National Bureau of Statistics reported a record breaking 194,753 visitors to the archipelago, the strongest year for visitor arrivals to date with an 11 per cent growth in the number of travellers going on holidays to the Seychelles.

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