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Cuba sees economic increase in Tourism and Cigars

  • 16-Jun-11 15:39
  • Cuba
  • Travel Trade Caribbean

During this month's Bayamanaco Balcony meeting in Havana, Cuba; important trends such as higher-income travellers taking Cuba holidays and the link to the country's much-loved cigar industry were discussed by a group of tourism experts.

Cuba sees economic increase in Tourism and Cigars

A group of tourism experts have been discussing the link between high-earning travellers taking Cuba holidays and the popular industry of Cuban cigars at this month’s meeting in the Bayamanaco Balcony reunion which is currently taking place at Hotel Presidente in Havana, Cuba.

Every month, the group gets together to discuss important trends in the country’s tourism market at a meeting called the Bayamanaco Balcony. During this month’s meeting, the tourism experts discussed topics such as the nation’s tourism industry’s strong links with gastronomy and its link to the increasing number of tourists taking holidays to Cuba.

During the meeting, attendees assessed the growth of the recreational options to be enjoyed during Cuba holidays and the impact they had on the national economy and the tourism industry. Several of the country’s attractions and historic sites are promoted throughout all hotels in Cuba with the objective to target the higher-income tourists.

The Bayamanaco Balcony, also known as the “Balcon de Habano”, gives both Cuban and international producers and distributors the opportunity to introduce new brands of first class products such as liquors, beverages and cigars, which enrich the offerings tourists can enjoy during holidays in Cuba. As well as representatives of beverage and food production houses, the event is also attended by bartenders, managers, journalists and diplomats who have the opportunity to sample these offerings.

Cuba is expecting to receive nearly three millions tourists this year with hopes to attract more visitors from Canada, Russia, France and Italy and closer nations in Latin America such as Argentina.

Jose Manuel Bisbe, Commercial Director of the Tourism Ministry, said: “Three million tourists to Cuba in a year is not far from achieving.”

Cuba travel is also being made accessible to American tourists after U.S. President Barrack Obama eased restrictions on holidays to Cuba for religious, cultural, academic and educational purposes. The President relaxed restrictions on the decades-long U.S-Cuba travel ban in January this year and many airlines and ferry companies have already commenced charter services between airports and ports in the U.S and Cuba.

The majority of tourists who visit Cuba come from Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany (in that order). Currently these countries are the Top 4 with the largest number of holidaymakers visiting the island. In 2009 the island nation recorded a total of 914, 844 Canadian visitors and tourism officials are expecting at least one million tourists from the North American country by the end of 2011.

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