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People to People Cuba travel experiences by AmericanTours International

  • 14-Jun-11 16:03
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As yet another sign that the American market is eagerly awaiting more freedom to travel to Cuba, the ATI company has jumped into the Cuba travel bandwagon by creating new special Cuba programmes that allow students and universities to visit the island.

People to People Cuba travel experiences by AmericanTours International

Proving that American legislation is slowly but surely advancing steps closer to free and unrestricted travel to Cuba, one travel company has dived into the challenge of providing holiday packages to Cuba for those American citizens who, under current legislation, are legally eligible to enjoy them.

AmericanTours lnternational (ATI) recently announced, through a statement released by Chairman and CEO Noel Irwin Hentschel that a new package for educational Cuba holidays had been developed and launched at their website.

The formal announcement was issued on 1st June, 2011 and invited American travellers to discover the new “ATI-Study Cuba in Cuba” now available at their newly-created website

“The recent opening of academic travel to Cuba by the Obama administration allows universities to immediately activate study abroad programs with CubaATI,” were the opening words of CEO Hentschel, who is currently completing her thesis research in the island’s two most important cities of Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

In order to be able to offer these new Cuba holidays experiences to a wider range of American holidaymakers (the U.S. government currently allows travel to Cuba only for cultural, academic and educational purposes); ATI developed a team of travel specialists who work closely with American universities and students to create and design custom-made academic travel programmes that meet the current legislation’s basic requirements and specifications, to ensure they remain within the legal guidelines of the U.S. Treasury Departments.

Those students wishing to embark on holidays to Cuba with ATI’s newly developed travel programmes to the island must be enrolled for credit in U.S. higher education institutions. In order for these institutions to be able to participate in “ATI-Study Cuba in Cuba” students travelling to Cuba must enrol in the programme and may be accompanied by faculty and university staff on
programmes facilitated by CubaATI.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, Director of ITEC, Vietnam declared: “ATI arranged the first group programme in America for MBA students from Vietnam at UCLA. We are pleased with the many academic opportunities ATI offers us”.

According to Mr. Nguyen a key element in the Cuba travel experience is to go with a “ licensed, established and reputable travel company with superior destination knowledge and a trusted, reliable network on the ground in Cuba.”

When it comes to American-based tour operators and travel companies offering access to Cuba, ATI’s expertise in creating specialised itineraries for the visitors’ precise area of interest and budget, makes it the number one travel option for educational holidays in Cuba. Placing a strong focus on interactive “people to people” exchanges, ATI’s travel programmes to Cuba enable individuals and groups to maximise their Cuba holiday experience.

New OFAC rules defining legal travel to Cuba for American citizens increases opportunities for Americans to experience Cuba’s historical and cultural values while participating in programmes that currently include educational exchange, religious activities and humanitarian projects. ATI now provides all of these travel services through their website dedicated to educational Cuba travel and
which include air, car, coach, hotel and guides across the entire island.

“Since October 2010, it is estimated that 222,000 Cubans have bought licenses to open businesses that include travel related industries such as restaurants and lodging in private homes. Travel to Cuba with AmericanTours International helps to support their entrepreneurial endeavours,” Hentschel adds on an encouraging final note, inviting curious American students and teachers to
discover the fascinating island.

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