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Sancti Spiritus to Celebrate 497th Foundation Anniversary in June

Travellers taking Cuba holidays next month will be able to join in the celebrations of the 497th foundation anniversary of the central Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus which will include a programme of events from craft fairs and exhibitions to live music.

Sancti Spiritus to Celebrate 497th Foundation Anniversary in June

Tourists will be able to join in on the festivities during in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba taking place in June as the city celebrates the 497th foundation anniversary of the historic central Cuban city.

Celebrations will take place from 2nd - 5th June and the programme of events will include the awards ceremony for the Prize of the City (Premio de la Ciudad), which will be given to winners of the music, arts and photography section.

During these celebrations, travellers will be able to enjoy live music performances from local artists, attend workshops on local culture, and browse photography exhibitions, as well as book and craft fairs taking place in Sancti Spiritus which will add nicely to any other activities programmed for their holidays.

Experts will exchange experiences and present research findings on ecology, natural science and environmental issues, among other subjects, during the Juan Berdalles scientific event.

In the run up to the anniversary event, local heritage authorities are highlighting the architectural and urban values of the city’s historic centre and are calling for greater support towards the restoration and preservation of the beautiful area, where very ancient and unique ruins can be found.

Sancti Spiritus is a province located in central Cuba which features the historic city of Sancti Spiritus and the old town of Trinidad which is a UNESCO World Heritage listed city with an array of colonial buildings dating back to the 16th century.

The province is a popular destination for Cuba holidays and is home to a mixture of wildlife and natural landscapes including dense mangroves and swamps, protected wetland areas, the island’s largest lake, lush mountains, the Caguanes National Park, and numerous pristine beaches.

Sancti Spiritus, with a name that is Latin for “Holy Spirit”, is a well preserved city in the centre of the province situated on the banks of the Yayabo River which features historic colonial buildings and architecture dating back to the 16th century including luxury Sancti Spiritus hotels, churches and bridges.

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