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British Airways Increases Fuel Surcharge for Caribbean Holidays

Travellers will have to pay even more for their Caribbean holidays as British Airways announces that it has increased its fuel surcharge on longhaul flights effective from Friday 8th April, 2011 and due to the increasing price of oil.

British Airways Increases Fuel Surcharge for Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean holidays have been dealt another blow as British Airways announced last week that it will be increasing the fuel surcharge on long-haul flights from 8th April, 2011.

The increase has been applied because of the recent rise in the cost of oil but the airline has stated that this surcharge will not be increased on domestic or short-haul flights.

Chief Financial Officer of British Airways, Nick Swift, said: “It’s with real regret that we are having to increase our long-haul fuel surcharge. As customers will know from the price at the petrol pumps, the cost of fuel has continued to rise significantly over the past three months.

“For us, fuel now represents over one third of our costs and particularly affects our long-haul flights. We are very aware of the wider economic pressures on our customers at the moment and we will bear the vast majority of the recent fuel price rise ourselves to keep this increase in surcharge to a minimum.”

This will mean that long-haul non-premium flights will cost an extra £10 per sector, with World Travellers (economy) flights less than nine hours, increasing from £75 a sector to £85, and flights over nine hours will increase from £88 a sector to £98. Long-haul tickets will increase by £20 per sector.

Last month the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced in his annual Budget that Air Passenger Duty (APD) would be frozen for 12 months, but the tax is likely to increase even more next year. Though the freeze was welcomed by the Caribbean tourism industry, concerns are now being voiced over the further increase of APD next year which will have a severe impact on the number of travellers from the UK who book Caribbean holidays and the Caribbean’s economy.

British Airways operates a wide range of flights to the Caribbean from the UK and provides weekly routes for St Lucia holidays, Jamaica holidays and Dominican Republic holidays; all of which will be affected by the increase of the fuel surcharge.

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