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Minister of Tourism satisfied with Cyprus tourist arrivals

  • 13-Dec-10 13:25
  • Cyprus
  • Famagusta Gazette

Antonis Paschalides, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, has said that he is satisfied with the growing number of tourists taking Cyprus holidays, after speaking at the Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Hotel Managers Association recently.

Minister of Tourism satisfied with Cyprus tourist arrivals

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism for Cyprus has announced that he is satisfied with the number of travellers taking Cyprus holidays despite the recent global economic crisis, strikes in Greece and the disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud over Iceland earlier this year.

Speaking to the Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Hotel Managers' Association (PASYDIXE), Antonis Paschalides said the tourist arrivals to Cyprus were satisfactory and the government will remain vigilant and focus on upgrading the quality of holidays in Cyprus in order to boost tourism in the future.

The Minister commented that Cypriot government's new tourism strategy for 2011- 2015 aims to upgrade the quality of experiences for travellers enjoying Cyprus holidays with the ultimate goal to transform the picturesque island into a special and unique tourism destination, while reviving winter tourism in the region.

Addressing members of PASYDIXE, Paschalides said: "I urge you therefore to emphasise on the factor of quality so that we can win the battle against the world economic crisis and competition."

This year has seen a number of events which may have deterred travellers from visiting the Mediterranean island country situated south of Turkey.

In April, British Air Space was closed for over a week due to a huge ash cloud caused by the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, forcing planes to be grounded and thousands of tourist unable to travel home or to their holiday destinations.

A number of strikes took place in Greece during 2010 including a major one occurring in June with many travellers unable to leave the country because of hundreds of protestors disrupting travel.

The global economic crisis has also had an impact on tourism all over the world with fewer UK travellers enjoying their winter holidays because of the "credit crunch".

Despite the string of events, travellers are intent on booking their holidays once again and this winter could see a welcomed increase in visitors to Cyprus.

The idyllic island is full of history, culture, exquisite cuisine and breathtaking scenery comprising lush green mountains and golden or white sand beaches.

Tourists can choose from an abundance of Cyprus hotels and resorts to suit any budget and situated in scenic villages, historic fishing towns or on the edge of pristine beaches.

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