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A national monument restored for the enjoyment of Cuba holidays in Cienfuegos

  • 01-Oct-10 17:22
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Those embarking on Cuba holidays in the central city of Cienfuegos will be able to enjoy a newly-restored fortress and castle, dating back to the pirates era. The renovation works on the castle are due to be finished by the end of this year.

A national monument restored for the enjoyment of Cuba holidays in Cienfuegos

Visitors enjoying Cuba holidays in Cienfuegos will soon have a new attraction to visit after completion of the work of one brigade from the Ministry of Construction's "5th September Contigent", which is currently transforming the Fortress of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua, as they give the old entering bridge, with over 250 years old of existence, a new platform.

Located in Cuba's south centre region, the Jagua Castle was built to defend the bay from pirates. Those thirsty for Caribbean pirates stories would enjoy a guided tour through this legendary monument. The castle is the third most important of the country and the only one in the centre of the island.

Marisol Otero, director of the Museum, explained that they have never carried out such a complex actions as the one required in the renovation works, the moving bridge and at the door which gives access to the Arms Square using imported precious wood in the carpentry. She specified that "they restore the balconies and other places and work in the preservation of the museum pieces, mainly in the arms collection. They also eliminated the rust from the big cannons, located in the main entrance of the Castle".

Those eager to visit this brand new monument during their holidays in Cuba will be able to do so by the end of 2010 as at the end of current year they are scheduled to finish the reparation and maintenance works in order to keep displaying the renaissance architecture, with the architectonic characteristics of the Middle Age in the Fortress built in 1745 by the French engineer Joseph Tantete.

The castle is the only Spanish military enclave from the end of XVIII century in Cuba. It sits at the entrance of the Jagua Bay and in the National Patrimony Council, together with the Provincial government are taking part in the reparation of it, which they are carrying out while the visitors are still able to visit the National Monument.

The ancient fortress is one of the identity symbols of Cienfuegos and its name is a Cuban symbiosis of the Spanish saint calendar and the extinguished aboriginal voice, but with the mark in many local patronymic. During the XVIII century, the Jagua Castle stopped the filibustering of Francis Drake, Jacques de Sores, Guillermo Bruce, Juan Morgan, Lorenzo Craff and other terrible “sea wolfs” who pretended to benefit with the richness of the islands. The fortress had an important place in the Cuban history. In 1762 it was the seat of the Spanish military command, during the brief English occupation of the country.

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