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Upscale St Kitts and Nevis holidays boosted by private air terminal

The construction of St Kitts' latest private air terminal which is due to be completed and launched by the 2012 summer holiday season, will be sparking interest amongst the higher end of upscale travellers looking for luxury and exclusivity.

Upscale St Kitts and Nevis holidays boosted by private air terminal

High-end tourism luxury holidays in St Kitts and Nevis is expected to receive a push forward with the construction of a Fixed Based Operations (FBO) terminal at the Robert L. Bradshaw (RLB) International Airport.

The design plans and construction timetable of the facility were highlighted at a recent contract signing ceremony attended by dozens of public and private sector officials.

During an interview aired on this week’s edition of SKNIS Perspectives, chairman of the Board of the St Christopher Air and Sea Port Authority (SCASPA) Linkon Maynard welcomed the development of the facility estimated between US$15 and 20 million.

“[(St Kitts and Nevis] would be much more attractive for the high end travelers, the celebrities etc. who … like to be pampered and like hassle free travel and I think that is what the FBO facility guarantees to that type of traveler,” he said.

Maynard revealed that the project is part of the general upgrade plans for the ports being undertaken. He disclosed that four proposals were received for the construction of the private terminal, and the bid by Veling Ltd was selected.

“Apart from the profit sharing arrangement to bring more revenue into SCASPA, it is also going to have significant spinoffs into the economy as a whole,” Maynard added, noting that the negotiated contract allows current FBOs access to the facility for their business and first class passengers.

The terminal will be located at the southeast corner of RLB. Its design is based on traditional West Indian architecture which is reflective of the Georgian influence left by the English during the colonial period. Amenities include an upscale lounge, bar, meeting room, business center, showers, open air plaza and other interactive features found in similar facilities. The designers have incorporated green areas that will feature plants, moats and a water fall.

Construction will be done in three phases and is scheduled to start in February 2011 with the first phase completed and operational by the 2012 holiday season.

Michael Dingemans, a consultant to Veling Ltd, stressed that they “intend to build a very high class product over the next 5 to 10 years.”

He remarked that this project is a St Kitts project and will have a SCASPA representative on the local board.

“It is a SCASPA facility and SCASPA will take control of the facility and its operations when the concessionary contract ends,” Dingemans emphasised.

In addition, local companies, tradesmen and craftsmen will be engaged in the construction process from start to end.

Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas told SKNIS that his government “continues to ensure that the local private sector gets opportunities [to capitalize] on the advantages that abound.”

He encouraged local companies and individuals to present tenders to the project coordinators to carry out the various services that will be required for this project.

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