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New digital magazine to inspire those planning Cuba holidays

  • 23-Aug-10 17:11
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Taking the blogging world by storm, a popular Cuban blogger has started the edition of a new digital magazine that will give voice to many of Cuba's independent bloggers to talk about the main issues the country faces during these testing times.

New digital magazine to inspire those planning Cuba holidays

A new digital magazine has been launched and could be an ideal source of information for anyone planning Cuba holidays. THe creation of "Voces" - which translates as Voices - is the brainchild of Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo and the Miami Herald states it will be home to articles and photography from contributors from all over the world.

The first issue contains work from Spanish Antonio Jose Ponte, Havana's Ena Lucia Portela and Emilio Ichikawa from Miami. "It's a vehicle for the rainbow of opinions in this critical moment that Cuba is going through." - Pardo declared.

People planning to go on Cuba holidays themselves may find it "vibrant" and "fun", in the same way one blogger did. Writing for EzineMark, the writer claims the carnivals, culture and bars provide plenty of entertainment.

This independent Cuban blogger has launched the island's first digital magazine, with a variety of contributions from well-known authors in and out of the country but free of ``any type of -isms.''

``We want a more rational Cuba, without any type of -isms,'' the 38-year-old Pardo said by phone from his home in Havana.

The magazine's debut Monday marked yet another expansion of the island's blogosphere, where Cubans are increasingly writing about everything from their frustrations with daily life to dissident activities and praise for the government.

Voces' first issue carried 22 articles by authors such as popular Havana bloggers Yoani Sánchez and Claudia Cadelo, Miami essayist Emilio Ichikawa, Havana writers Ena Lucia Portela and Wendy Guerra and Ivan de la Nuez, Antonio Jose Ponte and Juan Abreu, who all live in Spain.

``The group of writers they have are among the best young Cuban voices anywhere,'' said Ted Henken, a Baruch College professor who follows the island's bloggers and writes his own, El Yuma.

With 66 pages in PDF format to allow faster downloads, the magazine uses eye-catching graphics and high-resolution photos, all in black and white except for a color cover photo of the vastness of the ocean off Havana, posing many inviting pictures for those considering Cuba holidays.

By Wednesday, Voces had received more than 700 visitors in just one of the several blogs that posted it, and Pardo said copies were circulating in Cuba on CDs, flash drives and the domestic network known as the ``intranet.''

A 38-year-old graduate in biochemistry from the University of Havana, Pardo said he left the field 10 years ago and has been working as an independent photographer, writer and blogger. He also produces the blog, Boring Home Utopics, which describes itself as ``the Collective Memories from a Unique Man in the Brave New Zoociety'' and Pardo as a ``postographer'' who ``resides and resists in Habanaught.''

Pardo said Voces, which he hopes to issue monthly, has no editorial policy and welcomes writers with all kinds of opinions.

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