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U.S. newspaper says a lift to the ban on Cuba holidays for American is highly likely

  • 01-Jun-10 17:01
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

A recent publication by online American newspaper Politics Daily says that relations between the U.S. and Cuban governments have been slowly and secretly thawing out which could soon mean a lift to the Cuba travel ban imposed on Americans citizens.

U.S. newspaper says a lift to the ban on Cuba holidays for American is highly likely

The prospect of Cuba holidays for American citizens is apparently looking brighter and nearer each day, or so confirms the US online newspaper Politics Daily in its recent articles titled "Cuba Travel Ban: Is the End in Sight?". In the published articles the newspaper says that relations between Havana and Washington seemed to have regressed in the past year. "But quietly, without fanfare, there's been some tilting toward lifting the travel ban entirely and hints that some substantive talks may be going on between the two countries", the article says.

It seems that as soon as by the end of July when the law currently banning Cuba travel and Cuba holidays for American citizens is reviewed, a majority of votes could make it possible for the law to be erradicated. According to the online newspaper, "little-publicized meetings have taken place in the past few months between high-level officials while working-level talks are continuing on such safe issues as direct-mail service, dealing with hurricanes, fighting drug smuggling and the Gulf oil spill disaster that might spread to the beaches of Cuba's northern coast".

"At the same time, both chambers of Congress are seriously considering bipartisan legislation to end the travel ban and loosen some embargo restrictions. But high hopes on anything having to do with Cuba have often been dashed in past decades, so sponsors of the legislation are not making too much noise", the publication said.

Politics Daily report that in the Senate, Byron L. Dorgan, a North Dakota Democrat who announced he will not run for another term, has been a vigorous champion of the bill and said recently it could pass this year. "The measure (S428), which Dorgan and Republican Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming introduced in March 2009, has wide support from a variety of groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Farm Bureau Federation and Human Rights Watch".

The online publication said the tourism industry – hoteliers, cruise lines, tour operators, charter companies and travel agencies interested in investing in the Cuba holidays market -- has long been clamoring for an end to the ban, enacted along with a partial trade embargo in October 1960, after Cuba expropriated American properties on the island. "Known as 'el bloqueo' in Cuba, the ban restricts Americans from doing business in or with Cuba, although thousands make the trip illegally every year by way of Mexico, Canada or the Bahamas" according to Politics Daily.

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