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Cancun Great Vacations joins national effort to promote Cancun holidays

Joining the national effort to boost tourism and promote Mexico travel among U.S. tourists the Cancun-based website 'Cancun Great Vacations" is offering U.S. travellers an exceptional deal for Cancun holiday packages starting from only US$199.

Cancun Great Vacations joins national effort to promote Cancun holidays

In order to boost Cancun holidays and entice more U.S. travellers to take more Mexico holidays, the Mexican, Cancun-based travel website ‘Cancun Great Vacations’, recently announced the launching of a great value $199 USD vacation package in an effort to increase tourism in the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The country is already on an aggressive bid to better and more efficiently promote holidays to Cancun and to Mexico in general. During the annual Tianguis Tourism Fair in Acapulco, Mexican President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa himself together with Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara called on the country's travel and tourism industry to aggressively promote travel to Mexico and Cancun holidays in special.

"Mexico offers its riches to tourists worldwide, and we offer it so they have an unforgettable stay here. Mexico is a country that opens its arms to the world, and welcomes visitors with joy," Calderon declared, highlight some of Mexico's most attractive holiday destinations like the Mayan ruins, Mexico's sunny beaches and historical colonial cities.

Calderon also praised Mexico's hospitality valuing it as the country's greatest asset:

"We are happy when travellers visit our home, they feel comfortable, and well cared for, because it is something that is part of our culture and our way of being," he said, quoting the popular Spanish expression 'Mi casa es su casa,' translating as 'my home is your home'.
With tourism being Mexico's third largest source of income; accounting for 13.3 % of Mexico's GDP, it’s not hard to see why the country is in desperate need of pushing their tourism industry and creating new incentive to make worldwide travellers take an interest in Mexico and Cancun holidays.

Mexico is currently the second most popular international luxury holiday destination (yes, Cancun holidays at some high-end hotels can prove to be an uber-luxurious experience) and fourth in the world for eco-tourism. Cancun and the Riviera Maya have become a preferred travel destination in Mexico for their attractive holiday tours, including Mexico's best beaches located in the Cancun peninsula and facing the Caribbean Sea.

Cancun Great Vacations is a travel company affiliated with premier Cancun hotels that provide affordable, world-class accommodation, amenities and services in the Mexican Caribbean: Cancun and the Riviera Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula. The company works with local, national and international organisations to promote socially responsible programmes and cultural eco-tourism, with the aim of offering travellers first-hand experiences in authentic cultural practices at historic regions. serves as a travel guide to Cancun holidays and provides travellers with essential information - resorts and hotel accommodations, tours and attractions - to help plan great holidays in Cancun.

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