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Working on preventing marine pollution to maintain crystal-clear Caribbean holidays

Starting 1st May, 2010 the Caribbean will abide by MARPOL 73/78's guidelines for the preservation of marine eco-systems. Under the new code of conduct the Caribbean will ban the pouring of oil and all toxic waste in the sea.

Working on preventing marine pollution to maintain crystal-clear Caribbean holidays

To ensure the continuity of Caribbean holidays and the beauty of its glimmering turquoise waters, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, the Caribbean region will be the latest to join the list of countries in the world under the MARPOL 73/78 programme for the effective control of marine pollution.

By adopting MARPOL 73/78’s resolutions and eco-friendly guidelines for the safeguarding of its tropical waters, the Caribbean will be the sixth region of the world protected from the indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste. The MARPOL 73/78 is an international agreement to prevent pollution from ships and protecting the seas’ ecosystems and keep the diversity of existing marine life before more and more species suffer the risk of becoming extinct due to the contamination threats.

As of 1st May, 2010 under the programme’s resolutions the Caribbean will be banning the pouring of oil, sewage, garbage, noxious liquid substances carried in bulk, in packages, containers, portable tanks and tank-trucks or tank-wagons into the sea.

To reinforce this, the International Committee for the Protection of Marine Environment also called on governments and industries of the area to implement the measures established to protect special areas from pollution, stating that it wasn’t enough to effectively implement MARPOL’S guidelines if Caribbean holidays wanted to preserve the beauty of their marine life and look after their bio-marine riches.

Even when this is an important step for Caribbean holidays and the environmental protection of their waters, a lot more can still be done to ensure the preservation of the region’s colourful and rich coral life, and this is the message that the Protection of Marine Environment wanted to get across.

So far, the North and Mediterranean Baltic Sea, the Antarctic area and the Gulf are places that abide by MARPOL 73/78’s code of conduct, as in these waters it is prohibited to dump contaminated waste.

The Caribbean adopted the MARPOL 73/78 guidelines after the main ports of several countries in the region were prepared with suitable containers for collecting waste from ships.

A critical step for preserving Caribbean holidays and their marine gems, the dumping of toxic waste is also a serious threat to the health and sustenance of more than 41 million inhabitants in those territories, who depend on activities such as fishing and tourism, which are their main sources of subsistence and foreign exchange.

Furthermore, it also threatens the existence of the Caribbean Sea's various ecosystems, the source of a wide variety of plants and endemic animals and 9% of the world's coral reefs. So now worldwide travellers can have peace of mind when travelling to the tropics, knowing that the Caribbean is doing their bit to protect the eco-sustainability of Caribbean holidays and its many marine riches.

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