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Recent tourist survey reveals Maldives islands are too expensive

  • 18-Dec-09 10:18
  • Maldives
  • Holiday Industry

Travellers looking for cheap Maldives holidays may be out of luck this winter as an increasing number of tourists have complained that the stunning Indian Ocean luxury destination is too expensive and needs to meet the budgets of mid market tourism.

Recent tourist survey reveals Maldives islands are too expensive

A survey has recently been conducted in the island's capital, Male, with tourists who had been staying at a number of different all inclusive Maldives hotels and resorts.

The survey was carried out over seven days to 140 tourists who were either on cheap Maldives holidays or luxury Maldives holidays. The survey results revealed that 80% of travellers visiting the stunning luxury region thought that prices in the Maldives were too expensive and that if existing resorts could not lower their prices, alternative cheaper resorts and accommodation should become available to travellers on lower budgets.

One survey respondent commented:

"All the tourists who want to come here are not well off. Not all of them need air conditioned room, swimming pool or to eat from a buffet laid with 40 varieties of dishes every single time."

Another respondent said:

"A large part of the money we spend to arrive here is used to buy expensive fruits in the world and this should not be so. We can spend our holidays here eating locally produced foods such as papaya, banana, water melon and mango."

Many of the people questioned said that because of the island's stunning natural beauty, lagoons, reefs, beaches and scenery, most travellers would be happy with that without the need for the frills and extravagance that most of the resorts currently offer.

The new Maldives administration have been made aware of interest in developing mid market tourism but as of yet the Maldives government have not made any commitment to making these suggestions a reality.

With so many high end travel and tourism companies providing the majority of accommodation and luxury resorts in the area, the likelihood of mid market resorts and cheap Maldives holidays working harmoniously alongside the travel giants is slim.

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