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Cuba Holidays Celebrate Havana's 490th Birthday with Locomotives Exhibition

  • 17-Nov-09 18:22
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Four exceptionally well preserved locomotives which are each over 100-years-old are being showcased in Havana to celebrate the city's birthday along with other 23 of them of which 6 will be exhibited in a park and one will give tour trips along the port

Cuba Holidays Celebrate Havana's 490th Birthday with Locomotives Exhibition

For the delight of many culture-hungry tourists on Cuba holidays and to celebrate Havana’s 490 years as a city full of history and old age glamour, old treasures are being dug out and restored to be showcased at various points in the capital.

A unique selection of locomotive relics that have been well preserved over the years as priceless time pieces are being exhibited on a unique outdoor museum to commemorate Havana being the first city in Latin America to have this transportation system.

Opening today, 17th November 2009 on the especially designated outdoor park section of a new museum that will also inaugurated today as part of the celebrations of the founding of Havana as a city, the unique collection is set to attract engineering lovers and many curious street wanderers on Cuba holidays. The careful preservation work and transportation of the locomotives from all around the country to Havana has been carried out by the Monument Restoration Enterprise that belongs to the City’s Historian Office (OHC) an office in charge of looking after the capital’s care and restoration projects to improve the appeal of Havana holidays.

Eloy Bueno, the work’s supervisor, told ACN that this new restoration investment for old locomotives and the creation of its own unique museum in Havana is part of the efforts to preserve the patrimonial values of railways in Cuba, the first Latin American country to officially start using this modern mode of transportation, that was the latest in technology at the time.

Bueno went on to add that this unique exhibition showcases 4 unique steam locomotives that are over-100-years-old, including the 1878 Baldwin locomotive that shows its original number 1112, which was used on the making of the movie on Cuban National Hero Jose Marti, by Fernando Perez.

For insightful Cuba holidays into the world of locomotion this will be a great exhibit not to miss with one of the old locomotives going back to life and offering tours along the Port Avenue.

Architect Yaniset Castillo pointed out that after the reorganisation of the sugar industry in Cuba a couple of years ago, the OHC located and organised over 40 steam locomotives around the country in order to preserve them and show them in museums. And the time has finally come for a new museum to exhibit them much to the delight of many history lovers and culture-thirsty visitors on Cuba holidays.

At the moment 23 of them have been brought to Havana, out of which 6 will be exhibited in this park while one will give tour trips on the Port’s Avenue.

On 16th November 2009, Havana holidays celebrated the city’s 490 anniversary with the OHC gathering havanians, visitors on Cuba holidays and local authorities to pay homage to it.

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