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Mauritius holiday industry climbs out of recession

With reports that the end of the recession is nearing, hope is on the horizon for holiday destination Mauritius as its position on the financial market rises, and consumer spending is on the increase with more people booking Mauritius holidays.

Mauritius holiday industry climbs out of recession

The amount of travellers taking Mauritius holidays is set to rise over coming months as the island slowly recovers from the impact of the global recession which has curbed spending habits. The SEMDEX index .MDEX of the Mauritius market exceeded its position in 61 weeks with the index closing at 1,743.30 points, up nine per cent from its dismal position in March this year.

Roelof Horne, Investec Asset Management’s Portfolio Manager, said:

"Mauritius has been among the strongest performing bourses in sub-Saharan Africa this year, along with South Africa. I don't think it's terribly expensive but it's not terribly cheap either."

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the Mascarene Islands and is a popular destination for high end travellers, honeymooners and couples who are looking to get married abroad.

With a tropical climate of warm temperatures, white pristine sandy beaches, stunning natural beauty, and home to the extinct Dodo, the idyllic island is a popular tourist destination for visitors taking luxury Mauritius holidays.

However, as the world fell into an economic crisis, holidays in Mauritius were considered a luxury that many could not afford and visitor numbers to the region began to fall.

Despite this, the tourist hot spot seems to be picking up pace in the market and it is expected that the amount of visitors taking Mauritius holidays will increase this winter as consumer spending begins to rise again.

Mauritius hotels are expected to make a slower recovery over the next eighteen months as they struggle to fill available rooms and are currently a large risk to market instability.

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