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Two Big U.S Celebrities open Cinema Festival at Cuba hotel

  • 16-Oct-09 15:53
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

American actor Danny Glover and singer Harry Belafonte were invited as guests of honour at the inauguration of a new centre promoting Caribbean cinema in Havana. The event took place last month at the Melia Cohiba, one of the most elegant of Cuba hotels

Two Big U.S Celebrities open Cinema Festival at Cuba hotel

Two famous U.S. celebrities were gracing Havana streets as they took Cuba holidays during the inauguration of a new centre created in the capital to promote Caribbean cinema. The famous ‘Lethal Weapon’ actor Danny Glover and the King of Calypso singer Harry Belafonte were delighted to attend the opening of this new centre and take the chance to fully enjoy Cuba holidays during their time in Havana.

The stars had been formally invited to attend the new ‘Casa de Cine del Caribe’ as the distinguished guests of honour in charge of opening the official ceremony. The inauguration of this new venue took place last 18th September and coincided with the celebration of the second edition of the ‘Travelling Caribbean Festival” which is a project that involves showcasing Caribbean films to children and teenagers in order to support and expand the cinematic appeal in the Caribbean. The initiative has already reached as many as 31 countries in the area and continues drawing support locally.

Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto, who attended the inauguration of the office, highlighted the talent and ethical values of the two American artists stressing that both artists have paid high price for their solidarity and faithfulness to their own principles. On their part, both celebrities offered support for ending the travel ban imposed on U.S. citizens that currently forbids them from taking Cuba holidays. On his own words, Belafonte declared:

"The policy toward Cuba — yes, I like a lot of people am disappointed," the 82-year-old singer known as the King of Calypso said in a brief interview "I think Obama opened up large expectations when he hit on the theme of change, without being specific as to what he meant by change."

"We’re waiting to see what does change really mean," he added. "But I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt that the best is yet to come."

During their time in the island, both actors made the most of their Cuba holidays took the time to visit the ‘Route of the Slave’ Museum in the city of Matanzas. The UN Goodwill Ambassador and actor expressed his joy at getting in touch with its African-Caribbean roots upon visiting the museum:

“When I arrived to Cuba and went to this museum I appreciated the contact between the two nations since I was in the place were the slaves were shipped. The first thing that had an impact on me is the historical memories, which allows me to feel like I also belong here”

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