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China funds new luxury Cuba hotel aimed at future US market

  • 30-Sep-09 13:49
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Suntine International of China and Cuba's Cubanacan hotel group have agreed to share ownership of a new luxury Cuba hotel, a 600-room project built to appeal to the US market, located at Havana's Hemingway marina, named after the American writer

China funds new luxury Cuba hotel aimed at future US market

A new project for the building of a new luxury Cuba hotel was announced over the weekend as Cuba warms up to the idea of American tourists taking Cuba holidays for the first time in 47 years. Funded by a partnership between China’s Suntine International-Economic Trading Company and Cuba’s Cubanacan Hotel Group, the new luxury hotel is said to be aimed at a future U.S. tourist market, as they expect Obama to soon be lifting the travel ban on Americans taking Cuba holidays by the end of year.

This new Cuba hotel project is said to be specially aimed at future U.S tourists as it will be located on Cuba’s Hemingway Marina which is famously named after the popular Nobel Prize winning American writer, author of award-winning books such as “The Old Man in the Sea” which was written during his time living in Cuba with the book’s storyline also taking place in the island.

The new ‘Hemingway Hotel’ might have an American ring to it, as it is American, not Chinese tourists; who appear to be the main target market for the new development which is currently being built on the grounds of the sprawling Hemingway Marina, located just west of Havana and enjoying one of the city’s most sweeping views over the sea.

Wanting to offer Americans with the best and most upscale aspects of Cuba holidays, the new property is set to become one of the most luxurious of Cuba hotels in Havana. Renovations are already underway at the marina with the hopeful expectation that once the American travel ban is lifted U.S. boats will begin flocking down to the island that lies just 90 miles south of the Florida stretch.

According to tourism sources that did not wish to be identified, said the development could be spelling a future for Cuba holidays as a popular destination for curious U.S. citizens looking to discover a holiday destination that was previously regarded as forbidden and strictly off-limits.

Editor in Chief for, Carolyn Spencer Brown, told TravelMail: “There's a huge appetite for Cuba - whether it's by land or sea - for Americans.

“In fact, we recently polled readers of and asked: Which now-off limits destination most intrigues? Cuba received a whopping 97 percent of the vote (not so much interest in Yemen, N. Korea and Burma, alas).

“But the real excitement will be when the island is not only open to US travellers but also is ready for them - there's much work to be done on infrastructure before Cuba can support the big cruise ships that America's famous for.”

Other industry sources have reported they had noticed an increased interest in construction of Cuba hotels in order to meet a possible increase in demand by the American market. They also reported that representatives from some major U.S. hotel companies had quietly visited the island this year reviewing the possibilities of re-developing Cuba holidays to cater for the U.S. tourism market.

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