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Eco-Cuba holidays explored with TURNAT 2009

  • 16-Sep-09 17:27
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Cuba's Zapata Peninsula in Matanzas is readying to host the 7th International Forum on Nature Tourism which will run from 14-18 September 2009. This year a total of 1000 representatives and 33 journalists from 16 countries will be attending

Eco-Cuba holidays explored with TURNAT 2009

One of Cuba’s most important natural reserves, the Zapata Biosphere is getting ready to host the 7th International Forum on Nature Tourism; TURNAT 2009, an event that takes place every two years and usually involves presentations, talks and promotions on how to make Cuba holidays more eco-friendly and how to incorporate the eco-package into some Cuba hotels for an all together more ecological holiday experience.

Running from 14-18 September 2009 this year the event will have 100 representatives and 33 journalists from 16 countries with programmes that include presentations on Cuba nature-tourism and Cuba nature holiday destinations, among which one of the main exploratory eco-places will be the Zapata Swamp biosphere, a world-renowned spot and the best preserved wetlands in all of the Antilles, designated as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971, and later by 2001 having been officially declared a Ramsar Site.

The TURNAT forum will also have a cultural presentation by an artistic group form the Korimakao community, meetings with local historians and biologists will also take place, as well as a trip to the Bay of Pigs museum and lovely nature walks to explore the eco Cuba holiday appeal.

In the region surrounding the Zapata peninsula the participants will take tours of the recreational facilities at Guamá-Boca, the Crocodile Hatchery and the Treasure Lagoon. For the most naturally rich Cuba holidays, the Zapata peninsula is the larges and most important wetland in the Caribbean, a vast biosphere with the Zapata Swamp being internationally recognised as a World Biosphere Reserve with more than 900 autochthonous plant species, 175 bird species, 31 species of reptiles and over 1000 species of invertebrates. Moreover the swamp is also visited by 65 species of migratory birds during their migration season from North America through the Caribbean to South America. Within the Zapata Swamp, the eco-traveller can find numerous designated areas for environmental preservation, such as the Zapata Swamp Natural Reserve and Las Salinas wildlife sanctuary which is part of the larger Zapata Biosphere Reserve (IUCN category VI) which totals over 6000 squared kilometres and is the largest protected are not only in Cuba but in the whole Caribbean. Cuba holidays can truly become something else with an enriching set of eco-tours through the many varied wonders of the Zapata Biosphere.

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