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Star Clipper Asia - Bali to Bali Westbound

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Explore the kaleidoscope of colour with a once in a lifetime adventure through Indonesia by taking to the seas on board the luxurious Star Clipper and experience a taste of what this country of islands has to offer. Let yourself be swept away with the charm and elegance of a cruise on the Star Clipper that combines all the excitement of traditional sailing with all the luxury and comfort of modern cruising whilst letting you explore a new destination almost every day!

  • An array of exciting excursions With the likes of snorkelling on Menjangan Island and visiting a Buddhist monastery in Lombok, you will be stuck what to choose
  • Escape the crowds Get the chance to explore areas off the beaten track such as Gili Suddak and Probolinggo
  • Travel in complete style and comfort Escape the crowds and set sail on the magnificent Star Clipper where facilities include two pools, two bars and an inviting library

Discover the mash of cultures on the island of Madura as well as the charming fishing villages and golden beaches of Bali. You can also choose from a range of exciting excursions ranging from mystic temple tours through to scenic heights across Bali’s national parks before heading for the laidback islands of Lombok and Gili Suddak.


Benoa – Bali, Indonesia (Depart at 19:00 on Saturday)
A tropical haven renowned as the ‘island of the gods’, Bali offers an idyllic retreat for all the senses from the stunning sun-kissed beaches through to the lush jungles and looming mountains in the heart of the island. The island may be small but it sure packs a punch from the famous artistic scene in Ubud next to tranquil rice terraces down to the stylish beach clubs and rich heritage of the local people. 

At Sea (Sunday)

Gili Genteng Island/ East Madura – Indonesia (Arrive at 09:00 and depart 17:00 on Monday) 
Today you have the opportunity to explore the charming town of Sumenep on the island of Madura with its sleepy Mediterranean atmosphere. Beginning at the Sumenep museum in the town centre, a tour, for an additional price, will give you an insight into local life and the rich culture in the area. The museum is opposite the Kraton Sumenep, the former sultan’s palace built in the eighteenth century and houses an array of royal artefacts and belongings. Once you’ve explored the museum you will then have the chance to explore part of the Kraton Sumenep itself before heading onto one of Indonesia’s oldest mosques, the Sumenep Great Mosque.

Probolinggo – Java, Indonesia (Arrive at 08:00 and depart at 19:00 on Tuesday)
A charming port city in Java with a unique mash of cultures, Probolinggo sits surrounded by lush mountains on one side and the warm tropical ocean on the other. It is the nearest town to the impressive Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and is an ideal stopping point on the way to the Gunung Bromo Volcano. 

Lovina Beach – Bali, Indonesia (Arrive at 12:00 and depart at 19:00 on Wednesday)
Get away from the crowds in the south of the island and enjoy the tranquillity and unspoilt beauty of Lovina Beach on the ‘island of the gods’. Enjoy watching local life with the charming fishing villages dotted along the coast or choose from a range of exciting excursions for an added cost:
- Ulun Danu Temple tour
- Hiking in Barat National Park (High level of activity/Energetic tour)
- Snorkelling on Menjangan Island (Energetic excursion)
- Munduk Hiking ( Energetic excursion)

Carik (Arrive 07:30 and depart 08:30 ) or Senggigi Beach – Lombok, Indonesia (Arrive 14:00 and depart at 22:00 on Thursday)
Guests taking part in the below tour will disembark in Carik whilst other guests will carry onto the idyllic Senggigi Beach. The main tourist destination on the island of Lombok, Senggigi Beach offers stunning white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters alongside an array of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops to wander along.
For those looking for adventure, guests can take an exciting tour for an additional cost on the tropical island of Lombok:
• The tour begins at the ancient Mosque of Bayan Belek, the oldest mosque on the island where you can gaze upon the traditional Indonesian architecture with its walls made out of woven bamboo.
• After hearing of the history of the mosque, you can carry on to Senaru Village, located on the slopes of the active Mount Rinjani volcano. Take in the stunning panoramic views on a walk near to the Rinjani National Park and enjoy watching local life paly out around you. The trek will lead you to the locally renowned Sendang Gile Waterfall that is believed to possess medicinal and rejuvenation properties.
• At Senaru Village, you can enjoy watching local life carry on, making palm sugar and coffee and pounding rice as well as enjoying lunch at a local restaurant.
• After lunch you carry on to Korangan, where you can visit the local school and interact with the children before heading for a Buddhist monastery.
• The tour continues on through the Baun Pusuk monkey forest, where you can take in the stunning scenery as well as the monkeys roaming across the area.
• The excursion ends in Senggigi where you can meet the rest of the cruise and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time on the beachfront.

Gili Suddak – Lombok, Indonesia (Arrive 10:00 and depart 17:30 on Friday)

An idyllic island paradise, Gili Suddak offers blissful white sand beaches and colourful reefs teeming with exotic marine life just waiting to be explored.

Benoa – Bali, Indonesia  (Arrive 06:00 on Saturday)

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 Day 1 to 9

Star Clipper Asia - Bali to Bali Westbound

star clipper asia - bali to bali westbound
  • Day 1Benoa – Bali, Indonesia
  • Day 2At Sea
  • Day 3Gili Genteng Island/ East Madura – Indonesia
  • Day 4Probolinggo – Java, Indonesia
  • Day 5Lovina Beach – Bali, Indonesia
  • Day 6Lombok, Indonesia
  • Day 7Gili Suddak
  • Day 7Gili Suddak
  • Day 8Benoa – Bali, Indonesia

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