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Taprobane Island

4 stars


Restaurants & Bars

  • Private Chef Dining - As this magnificent island hotel is only able to cater to no more than 20 guests at anyone time, it comes as no surprise that there is one only dining venue to choose from here, but it offers such a varied range of cuisine to select from that guests' palates will be treated to a wide variety of freshly-prepared delights. At Taprobane Island guests will enjoy the luxury of having their very own private chef, always eager to provide diners with mouthwatering tropical dishes with a strong focus on the use of the freshest local ingredients. The cuisine served here has strong Asian influences with menu items that predominantly  feature seafood dishes, of course, the chef is equally skillful at preparing anything else you fancy, including the most tempting Sri Lankan curries. On a daily basis, guests at Taprobane Island will be asked for their menu requirements so that staff go and buy the freshest produce, ready to be eaten on the same day.
  • Sunset Cocktails - this magnificent island hotel allows guests to experience the most amazing sunset views from a myriad of locations. Cocktail hour runs cocktail specials daily which can be enjoyed against the most magnificent settings.

Facilities & Entertainment

  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Rambling Tropical Garden

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