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Costa Rica Two Oceans Tour

4 stars


Costa Rica - the destination for the eco-tourist! A tropical paradise, verdant jungles teeming with wildlife, wild rivers and misty volcanoes. For decades Costa Rica has stood out for its stability and has benefited from the most developed welfare system in Latin America.

Costa Rica Two Oceans tour will take you on a journey into the rich history of this majestic island and the Costa Rican people. The tour takes in the capital city of San Jose, the many National Parks, the magnificent active volcano of Arenal and Hot Springs and finally some relaxation time at Barcelo Langosta Beach. Designed for those with a passion for nature, dramatic scenery and opportunities to view rare wildlife, the Costa Rica Two Oceans tour offers a journey of discovery with the perfect combination of comfort and exploration.

Highlights of Costa Rica Two Oceans Tour - All tours are guaranteed regardless of party size.

  • San Jose Capital City Sightseeing Tour
  • Coffee Tour
  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Tour to Sarapiquí
  • Tirimbina Reserve
  • The Chocolate Tour
  • Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs Tour
  • Langosta Beach
  • Sarchí Town
  • Wood Tour

Day 01 Arrival to Costa Rica (no meals)

Upon arrival to Juan Santamaría International / San Jose Airport you will be greeted by a CRT bilingual guide who will assist with transfers to hotel and luggage handling.

Day 02 San Jose (Breakfast & Lunch)

Breakfast at hotel followed by a San José sightseeing tour and Coffee Tour.

San Jose Sightseeing Tour: The Tour of San Jose, the country's capital, is the best way to begin a trip to Costa Rica. The sightseeing tour goes through the main residential areas and commercial district of the city, founded in 1637. Today the Greater San Jose Metro area is the most cosmopolitan and biggest city in all Costa Rica and Central America with a population of a little over the two (2) million inhabitants, San Jose offers visitors many options and restaurant choices to suit all tastes.

Coffee Tour (Lunch): Among many countries in the world Costa Rica is well known for its climate and geographical diversity, featuring the largest number of micro-climates, due to the drastic change in altitude over relatively short distances. This educational and highly enjoyable coffee tour will show how these differences and variety of climatic factors determine the flavour, aroma and quality of the final coffee cup. Doka Estate is an outstanding Coffee Hacienda with its own Coffee sun drying patios and Mill. Doka has a privileged location on the slopes of the world famous Poás Volcano National Park. This tour is a great learning experience, providing you with the knowledge to become a Coffee Connoisseur. You will be left with a good understanding of the Coffee Industry and Costa Rica’s Coffee leading reputation as the finest, high quality and most efficient producer with the highest yield per area in the world. This unique Coffee Tour will guide you in a highly enjoyable way, through all the coffee production stages. You will have the opportunity to closely observe and understand all of the coffee industries relevant details from how many generations of coffee artisans have carefully selected coffee plants, to produce coffee beans and undergo the unique qualities as per taste and aroma, getting the proper knowledge on how Costa Rican Coffee is produced. From the plantation into a unique crafted distinctive carefully roasted cup of coffee, which is made fresh from top quality Costa Rican Highland Arabica coffee beans. You will walk through the planted fields, see the beneficio (coffee mill) and smell the aroma emitted by the sun bathed patios where the beans are sun dried every morning. Be able to sample all of the roasts and admire the vast display and purchase unique gifts at the Casa de Artesanía. Participants will experience the natural splendour of this tropical mountain paradise while gaining a new perspective about coffee.

Day 03 Tortuguero (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Ground transfer to the dock with breakfast en-route. On arrival you will board a boat, which will take guests through canals to the Tortuguero National Park (approx. 3 hours). On the way you may observe different flora, fauna and wildlife.

You will be at your leisure in the afternoon to experience the local culture and habitat, visit some of the area's wonderful natural attractions, walk the nature trails or just relax in a hammock.

Day 04 Tortuguero (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

In order to take advantage of the early morning wildlife activity, guests are invited to participate in a schedule guided boat tour through the many Tortuguero Canals (optional early morning tour not included on the cost of the package)

Tortuguero National Park is situated on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The park covers 18,947 hectares and protects the most important nesting grounds in the Western Caribbean for the Green turtle (Chelonia midas). Traveling very long ocean voyages since the time they are born, the chemical imprint received at birth, becomes the place they return to when reaching sexual maturity to nest and lay eggs. These unique creatures perform the ritual of life from their previous generation at the beaches of Tortuguero National Park.

Costa Rica is well famous for its conservation efforts, due to the fact that five of the eight species of sea turtles known today come to this unique place to nest and preserve their next generation of their specie. The nesting season stretches between late June and September/October. Tortuguero National Park’s unique eco-system of rare pluvial, lowland rainforest, is the home to a wealth of wildlife – 300 species of birds are endemic to this Central American forest. Among them are two species of toucans, herons, hummingbirds and the unique and priceless Green Macaw (Ara ambigua) all very rare and protected species. The Costa Rican Forest National Park’s eco-system is also the home to many species of plants, fish, reptiles and mammals unique to the area.

You will be exposed to an abundance of wildlife onboard the long dugout and pangas (river boats) that will transport you on a tour lead by our certified naturalist local guide. They will explain the many inner relationships of the resident species in this unique and pristine pluvial Tortuguero Rainforest. On the shores of the many canals and lagoons, you can easily spot three (3) species of new world monkeys, residents to this particularly rich and diverse tropical rainforest, with unique weather conditions.

Rest of the day to enjoy programmed activities included at the Tortuguero jungle lodge.

Day 05 Tortuguero to Sarapiquí (Breakfast & Lunch)

Morning breakfast followed by boat transfer through one of Tortuguero many tributary rivers in order to continue on ground transportation to Guápiles for lunch. Your representative will be waiting with your luggage to provide onward ground transfer/tour to Sarapiquí.

Day 06 Sarapiquí - Arenal Area (Breakfast)

Breakfast at the hotel and morning at leisure.

Transfer to Arenal area, with stop in Tirimbina Reserve for Chocolate Tour. Afternoon at leisure to enjoy hotel facilities.

The Chocolate Tour: Discover the wonders behind one of the world’s most tantalizing foods — chocolate! The cacao tree originated in Mesoamerica and has a rich and extraordinary history, being one of the most important products for Mayan and Aztec civilizations, as well as other Central American cultures. The discovery of the Americas led European explorers to introduce chocolate to Europe, which transformed it into the delicious product that it is known today. In this activity you will discover the marvels of one of humankind’s favourite food - chocolate. The tour includes a guided hike across the Tirimbina suspension bridge to a cacao plantation, as well as to a forested section where you will observe species of cacao and how the product originally was developed. During the hike, the natural and cultural history of the cacao tree is explained. Onsite, you will learn about the process by which cacao is processed into chocolate (harvesting, fermentation, drying and milling). Here you can taste different types of organic chocolate grown by the Association of Amazilla Women of the Caribbean, a group of rural women from Pueblo Nuevo de Guácimo dedicated to the production of organic chocolate.

Day 07 Fortuna & Arenal Volcano National Park (Breakfast & Dinner)

Breakfast at the hotel and morning at leisure to observe the volcanic activity or to enjoy one of the many activities featured at this popular destination in Costa Rica.

Afternoon pick up at the lobby of the hotel for the Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs Tour.

Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs: The classically conical shape of Arenal Volcano dominates the rolling plains of the Arenal area, emitting occasional puffs of smoke as it bursts into thunderous eruption. This tour departs early afternoon, as to enjoy the lushness of the surrounding scenery and the majestic form of Arenal Volcano by the light of day. It will, however, be observed, conditions permitting, the Arenal's impressive eruptions at night, when the lava streams and incandescent rock explosions resemble an unforgettable fireworks display. Also visit the local hot volcanic springs for a swim and dinner.

Day 08 Fortuna & Arenal Volcano National Park (Breakfast)

Breakfast at the hotel and day at leisure for optional tours of the area.

Optional tours not included on the cost of the package:

Canyoning Tour: Your trip begins with a 30-minute 4x4 drive into the tropical rainforest outside the town of La Fortuna, in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano. Trek through the forest on magical trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica, a place very few people get to experience. Along the way you will have the chance to discover the secrets that lie hidden deep within the canyon. From the first waterfall you will rappel down from the top into the beautiful and pristine canyon below. There are 5 rappels, 4 of which are along side or right in waterfalls, and one dry rock face. Then a short trek out of the canyon on a magical trail and jump back into the 4x4 vehicle and head back to base camp. Minimum age: 6 years old accompanied by a guide, over 12 years (100 pounds) can do the tour alone.

My Cheese Tour: Do you want to learn how to milk a cow? What a chapulín is? How to make cheese? You can do it now at Don Carlos Farm. This is a new option for tourists who want to know the culture and way of living for a Costa Rican cowboy. Within a 70 hectare property, surrounded by lakes, gardens, secondary forests, rivers, tubers and fruits plantations and, of course, the pastures where more than 400 cows graze, visitors can learn in an interactive way how a farm works. Don Carlos Farm has a milking parlour, orchard, an area for the utilization of organic fertilizes, dairy farm, stables, and the cheese plant. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the farm and nature. Visitors can milk a cow, feed calves, and learn about medicinal plants, spices, tubers, vegetables and fruit trees, all of them from the zone, also make your own cheese. After enjoy a delicious lunch and enjoy the cheese you have just made.

Day 09 North Pacific Coast (Breakfast / All-Inclusive)

Ground transfer from Arenal to Barceló Langosta Beach.

Day 10- 13 North Pacific Coast (All-Inclusive)

Leisure time to enjoy resort facilities or take in optional tours.

Day 14 Back to San Jose (Breakfast)

Ground transfer from Barceló Langosta Beach back to San Jose with stop en route at Sarchí town.

Wood Tour: This medium-sized family factory houses hundreds of products made from woods such as cocobolo, bark and Nazareth. The tour takes you through the factory where you can see how the smallest piece of wood is used to build a necklace, earrings or a decoration. At the culmination of the tour you visit a small store where you can purchase souvenirs to take home for family and friends.

Day 15 Adiós Costa Rica (Breakfast)

Breakfast at the hotel then depart to San Jose’s International Airport to board your flight home.

According to the International Airport requirements all passengers must be at airport at least 3 hours before departure flight time for safety and check in procedures.

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