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Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang

5 stars


Apart from the exuberant villas intricately lining the coast, Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang also offers visitors a bewildering experience via its 24 Garden Villas exclusively located atop a hill. As you approach the reception area at the Vinpearl Resort Island, a tuk tuk is waiting eagerly to take you along an astounding stone path lined with shady trees and perky bright pink flower clusters, to bring you to the private and elegant Garden Villa.
Special facilities:
- 46 inch HD TV (with 80 channels in multiple languages) integrating your chosen form of entertainment in the living room set
- Bathroom with special fittings such as cosmetics, fragrant bath water, sea salts and candles providing an ambience of a professional spa 
- Telephone with the modern convenience of a contacts screen
- A variety of mantle: Yukata (robe worn like a Kimono), Sarong (wrap style skirt from Malaysia), Classic Bathrobes 
- Bed pillows infused with a variety of scents to induce a calm and peaceful nights’ rest 
- Free high-speed wireless internet access 
- Private swimming pool, garden and entrance
- IPTV system
- Bath salt collection upon request
- Smart villa control system
- Tea and coffee making facilities
- Pillow collection
- Luxury bathroom amenities

If you love nature and want to immerse yourself in its soul stirring beauty,  the Beach Front Villas - villas adjacent to the ocean, would be the best choice for you. These villas are intricately designed with luxurious guest rooms, private pools, bathrooms, terraces and gardens that are harmoniously arranged on the same plane forming continuous spans of space which helps you bask in the pleasures of experiencing ultimate relaxation.

The Duplex Villa at Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang is an exclusive setting that exudes luxury and class. With exquisite architecture that incorporates a unique combination of neoclassical styles, modern amenities and a romantic atmosphere, the talented architects have created a plush villa that is set apart and strategically placed halfway up a hill.

Let’s make the most compactable stay ever by choosing Grand Duplex Villa of Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang. Grand Duplex Villa, a luxurious and grand villa complex, will surely impress and surprise anyone by its eclectic mix of the neoclassical design and the comfortable and modern interior arrangement. Designed to bring tourists the optimally wonderful stay and relaxation, in addition to a master living room, luxury bathroom, romantic swimming pool and balcony, etc., each villa of Grand Duplex Villa is adorned with a small beautiful garden and a terrace offering a vista of the sea or the swimming pool. Each villa is available in two separated storeys. Moreover, the delicate combination of warm and dark hues of natural wood of such “solid” furniture as table and desk, wardrobe, floor... and brilliant hues of “soft” furnishings like mattress, rattan chairs and sofas contributes to the colour balance of the interior space, bringing guests a feeling of complete calm and relaxation.

Truly a paradise within a paradise, the Presidential Residence at Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang comprises luxurious amenities and is designed in styles fit for royalty. Indeed this residence gives you but a taste of being transported to the modern day heaven on earth. With a total area of 427m2, the Presidential Residence is divided into several separate spaces exuding class and indulgence. This suite is tailored for the special and exclusive needs of the successful, be they politicians, business people or stars who desire to be surrounded in relaxation, opulence and absolute privacy, treated with impeccable service with no less than the excellence sought for a King.

Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang, with its wide range of villas and exclusive facilities, is a significantly distinctive resort that offers you a unique experience particularly through its signature Poolside Villas which line along the main swimming pool almost in the fashion of a sweet embrace. With spacious rooms, pools, bathrooms, terraces and landscaped gardens at the ground level, the 06 available Poolside Villas have been carefully designed to give you complete space and privacy.

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