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Denis Island

Scenic, stunning and award-winning, Denis Island is an exquisite private getaway situated in the northeastern reaches of the Seychelles. Located about half an hour by air from the main island of Mahe, Denis Island offers luxury, comfort and style in an exclusive tropical environment.

Denis Island is renowned as one of the most romantic destinations of in the Seychelles, and is a favourite destination for honeymoons. You can even get married in a small chapel located on the island, or enjoy a sun-kissed beach wedding on your special day.

The vital importance of ecology and conservation is well recognised on Denis Island, which is committed to restoring and protecting its native species and natural environment. Purple herons and magpie robins are among the bird species that you can now spot on the island – along with flycatchers, warblers and many others. The island’s resident environmental manager is happy to give guided tours of the fascinating local ecology and nature, and there are many wonderful nature walks which you can explore on your own.

Denis Island sits right on the edge of the Seychelles Bank, beyond which lies a dramatic 2,000 metre underwater drop to the depths of the Indian Ocean. This amazing geological feature – combined with the amazing marine wildlife to be found nearby – makes this one of the region’s premier diving locations. A professional PADI centre offers a wide range of diving excursions for novices and experts alike, bringing visitors face to face with breathtaking sharks, rays, turtles and dolphins.

Fishing fans flock from far and wide to Denis Island to experience its excellent game fishing conditions. Experienced crews lead thrilling fishing charters, with high-quality equipment available as part of the trip. It’s also a great place to try your hand at the local art of palangrotte, or bottom fishing, as well as bone fishing.

Accommodation on Denis Island consists of spacious cottages and a beach villa, each offering luxurious comfort and easy access to the beach. Guests can also take advantage of the island’s famously fabulous dining opportunities, serving up delicious local favourites featuring the island’s own fresh produce.

Accommodation in Denis Island

Denis Island

Denis Island

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