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Cousine Island

The first thing to know about Cousine Island is that here, nature is the undisputed king. Of the granite islands of the Seychelles, thanks to many years of dedicated conservation work, this is now one of the most untouched by human activity. As a result, it is acknowledged as one of the most ecologically important private islands in the world.

Indigenous species monopolise the lush native woodlands of the island, with several iconic species such as the nesting hawksbill, green turtle and giant tortoises calling this place home after a successful decades-long programme of restoration and reintroduction. Cousine Island is a genuine conservation success story, which makes it one of the most special and awe-inspiring destinations in the Seychelles – if not the world.

Plus, thanks to the special emphasis on sustainable, conservation-led investment from the proceeds of tourism, you can be sure that your visit to this island paradise will help to preserve its beauty and biodiversity for many generations to come. In fact, the whole purpose of the small resort here is to fund the continuing important projects of restoration and ecological management, while strictly limiting the amount of human activity on the island. Any visit to Cousine Island is therefore a very special opportunity, being something than few humans will ever get the chance to experience.

As well as serving as a protective sanctuary for wildlife and nature, the island also offers blissful peace and seclusion to its human visitors. With accommodation on the island comprising just a handful of villas, Cousine Island is one of the most exclusive destinations on the planet - providing an unmatched level of privacy, along with an impressive standard of comfort and luxury.

The exclusivity of the island is matched by an impeccable level of friendliness and hospitality from the owner, his family and staff, making this the perfect destination for beach weddings, honeymoons, or anyone craving a wonderful escape to paradise. With a small proportion of this beautiful island’s vegetation given over to indigenous fruit trees and vegetables, you can also be assured of the freshest, most local cuisine during your stay.

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Cousine Island
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