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Our very special deals are unique and exclusive to us because we work with our long-term partners to ensure the best hotels rates and negotiate special discounts and extras for you. Have a look below and be enticed by our inimitable offers.

Our Special Offer collections

Offers up to £750 off!
Gems of the Indian Ocean

Gems of the Indian Ocean

Discover the beauty that lies in the exotic isles of the Indian Ocean, teeming with pristine beaches as well as spectacular wildlife and fascinating culture. Delve into the riches of riveting Sri Lanka with its imposing temples and awe-inspiring national parks or seek out the utter peace and tranquillity of a Mauritian beach cove. Or, perhaps you'd rather lose yourself in the endless barefoot beauty of the magical Seychelles? Take your pick and we'll deliver!
Offers up to £600 off!
The most exhilarating ways to experience the UAE

The Most Exhilarating Ways to Experience the UAE

Experience the UAE's most fun side with this selection of first-class resorts offering top entertainment in a variety of ways, from onsite theme parks to fantastic kids club, nearby golf courses, and exciting outdoor pursuits. There's also a good dose of pampering to be had at onsite luxury spas and a wealth of gourmet dining venues, all you have to do is browse, point and click! As easy as that your fun UAE paradise will be revealed!
Offers up to £900 off!
The cream of the crop - Worldwide luxury at its finest

The Cream of the Crop - Worldwide Luxury at Its Finest

Give into the urge to splurge and treat yourself to the ultimate holiday luxury where no detail is overlooked. This collection is all about loosening the purse strings a little without breaking the bank and enjoying an amazing experience to forever treasure. From private beach coves with exclusive touches (from beach cinema screenings to messages on a bottle) to amazing desert oases and immersive experiences like bathing with elephants or checking out ancient Mayan ruins - all with generous lashings of luxury on the side!
Offers up to £950 off!
The Caribbean with limitless luxury

The Caribbean with Limitless Luxury

Enjoy the pure natural beauty of the Caribbean, one that remains untarnished however many natural disasters you throw at it. Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction on these stunning isles, which is precisely why the Caribbean needs more visitors than ever to help the economy pick up the pieces. Resilient as always, warm and enchanting, the Caribbean is already dusting itself off from the rubble and this selection of exclusive hotels are as luxurious and decadent now as they were before the storm. Check them out!
Offers up to £550 off!
More than one way to experience Dubai

More than One Way to Experience Dubai

...and more than one destination to twin it with! Because a destination as excitingly modern and cosmopolitan as Dubai is ideally experienced with a contrasting landscape to offer the perfect balance between old and new, history and culture; this collection is all about treating you to opulent Dubai luxury with an added side of discovery and far-off wonderment. From India's kaleidoscopic riches to Mauritius' remote island feel or Bali's barefoot luxury, this is the collection to let yourself be wowed by Dubai and beyond.
Offers up to £900 off!
All-inclusive escapes to sweeten the deal

All-inclusive Escapes to Sweeten the Deal

We're sweetening this collection's deals by making them all-inclusive for your added peace of mind and unrestricted recreation (yes, this means not only included meals but also free use of land and water sports as well as a long list of fun activities at no extra cost). Whether you favour Thailand shores over Caribbean beaches or you prefer Dubai to Punta Cana, we've got an all-inclusive holidays here to tickle everyone's fancy. Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner or with kids, you'll find something here to tick everything off the list!