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US Virgin Islands: When to go

Lying on soft warm sands as clear cyan waters lap your feet. You have a book in hand as the palm tree sways above your head. You are in paradise; you are in the US Virgin Islands. This may just be the trip of a lifetime for you, but picking when to actually go will be the big thing. Here is a handy guide to when to make your next luxury getaway.

The weather

The great thing about the island is that sunshine can practically be guaranteed all year round. Temperatures will remain around the high 20s during the day and then fall to the more comfortable low 20s at night. What probably will then determine the time of year to go is the hurricane season. While it can rain at any time of the year, showers tend to be heavy but quick.

Officially, the hurricane season lasts from June to November, with the islands often being hit by Caribbean storms. If you are travelling in the region at this time, keep up to date on weather reports and make sure your travel insurance policy covers hurricane damage or cancellation.

Best time to visit weather-wise: December to April.

The peak holiday season

High season for tourists runs, therefore, from December to April, and it is during this time when hotel rates are at their highest - February tends to be the busiest month and you will definitely need to make reservations as far in advance as possible for this time.

To avoid the crowds, but also the expensive rates and bad weather, tourist slumps right at the start of January and in April have been recorded. Over summer, the Virgin Islands will hit off-season, where rates can be slashed as much as 50 per cent, crowds are sparse, and you will get a better chance to experience local culture in the likes of St Thomas and St Croix. However, facilities may be limited, restaurants may be closed, and of course, storms may hit.

Best time to visit in peak season: January and April

The holidays and events

A lot of the big bashes occur during peak season, such as the BVI Spring Regatta in late March or early April, the BVI Music Festival in late May and the Emancipation Festival in late July. Regardless of what month you visit, the full moon is always a great time, when parties rock Tortola until the wee hours of the morning. Other major events include:

  • Transfer Day (March 31st)
  • Hurricane Thanksgiving Day (October 17th)
  • Liberty Day (November 1st)
  • Carnival days on the last Friday and Saturday of April

Best time to visit for events: April and May

Essentially, as a rule, you will want to visit the US Virgin Islands between December and April, but if you want to avoid the pricey hotel rates and also have access to some of the biggest events the islands have to offer, April is probably your best bet. Regardless of when you go, however, you are sure to make fantastic memories, and you never know, you may just find yourself going back there, again and again.

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