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Montreal Gardens - the Grenadines Treasures

Duration: Half Day

Montreal Gardens - The Grenadines Treasures

St Vincent and the Grenadines rank amongst the most beautiful and unspoilt islands in the world, so it won’t come as a surprise that they are blessed with a wealth of natural treasures. Crystal clear azure waters lap the shores of fine white sandy beaches, whilst national parks and gardens boast a rich variety of endemic flora and fauna. This memorable tour will lead you through the beautiful Montreal Gardens on the island of St Vincent, where you can see a wide range of tropical flowers, trees and plants in magnificent surroundings.

Located above the picturesque Mesopotamia Valley, against a spectacular backdrop of mountains and rainforest, the beautifully-sculpted Montreal Estate Gardens are a must-see during your holiday in St Vincent. They were lovingly created by English gardener Timothy Vaughan, who fell in love with the island during his visit in 1991. He purchased the land and established a garden, bringing it to life with a rich array of Caribbean flora. Today, the estate occupies over seven acres and is surrounded by banana plantations and lush rainforest. Vaughan’s artistic flair is evident as the gardens have been carefully designed and separated into three main sections: Formal, Colour and Rainforest.

Clearly marked pathways will lead you through a maze of colourful blooms and lush green foliage, down towards bridges, tunnels, grottoes and rivers in the heart of the rainforest. You will see an abundance of anthuriums, heliconias, hibiscus, bougainvillea, and coleus on the way, as well as red ginger, giant tree ferns, palms, spices and some magnificent African Tulip trees. Fertile volcanic soil and frequent rainfall enables all these native plant species to flourish here.

The gardens are located at an altitude of 1500 feet above sea level, so visitors are able to enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the ocean in the distance. You can also see steep terraces covered with native fruits, spices and sugar cane dotted around Mesopotamia Valley, which is undoubtedly one of the lushest cultivated valleys in the eastern Caribbean, whilst the dramatic Grand Bonhomme Mountain dominates the landscape at a height of 3193 feet.

Before reaching Montreal Gardens, we will drive through the small village of Belmont en route to Mesopotamia. There is a look-out platform here which offers magnificent views of the Mesopotamia Valley. This is the perfect opportunity to take some photos and admire St Vincent’s exquisite natural beauty from a different viewpoint..

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