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Fisherman's Choice

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fisherman's choice

Sailing enthusiasts from all across the world are attracted to the Grenadines and they have every reason to be. The Grenadines is filled with ever changing scenery that will stimulate your mind and senses. From the beautiful skyline, pristine beaches; white sands and green palms to the gorgeous waters in every shade of blue. Voyagers who fancy the exhilarating activity of fishing will be thrilled to discover that the Grenadines is also rich in marine life. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Caribbean Sea lying to the west the waters of the Grenadines are teaming with a variety of fish.

The waters of the Grenadines are good for sea fishing. Try your hand at catching a Barracuda, Spearfish, Snail fish, Blue Martin, Wahoo, Yellow or Black Fin Tuna, Dolphin or the ever popular Billfish. Game fishing is relatively new in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, however, the St. Vincent and Grenadines Game Fishing Association is already keen on the conservation of its marine resources. Anglers are encouraged to protect the existing Billfish population and not just at tournament time but all year round; undersized Billfish are tagged and released.

All necessary fishing equipment will be provided on this tour and proper guidance is available. The water loving crew are delighted to have you aboard the “Ginger” for an unforgettable day. You can even learn the unique fishing techniques practised in the locale; as fishing methods in the Grenadines vary according to the species targeted, area the fish are being caught and personal strategies. Discover your natural talents or improve your skills and maybe it could be your lucky day. Our Chef is pleased to make a tasty meal out of your trophy catch and drinks will be provided to keep you refreshed.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, good weather and the excitement of fishing. This is an experience fishing enthusiasts will cherish. Take home great adventure stories of your new fishing abilities and photos hopefully of your prized catch. This is a unique lifetime opportunity. Fishing the Grenadines way amongst endless scenic views.

St Vincent and the Grenadines Holidays

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Cousteau's son brings diving legacy to the Grenadines

The son of famed marine explorer Jacque Cousteau is set to open a dive centre on the southern Grenadines island of Petit St Vincent later this year. Jean-Michel Cousteau hopes the centre will continue his father's legacy of sharing the wonders of the underwater world and protecting the fragile marine environment for generations to come.

Tourism officials state that St Vincent and the Grenadines are "Still Open For Business"

Tourism officials have stated that St Vincent and the Grenadines are very much "open for business" following the recent storm over the festive period that saw the islands take a battering by wind and heavy rain. The islands are a popular destination for Caribbean holidays and officials are keen to assure tourists that it is safe to travel to the country.

New International airport set to increase bookings for holidays in St Vincent and the Grenadines

The St Vincent and the Grenadines tourism industry is preparing for the winds of change to blow through its beautiful island paradise. The eagerly anticipated Argyle International airport, scheduled to be completed at the end of 2013, is expected to significantly boost the number of travelers booking holidays in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The airport, will feature a 900 foot long runway and a terminal with a capacity of up to 1.5 million passengers per year.