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Dubbed the "Island of Enchantment", Puerto Rico holidays can certainly be some of the most enthralling experiences of your life. From the miles and miles of white-sand beaches to enjoy on the Caribbean coast to the bustling cities, influenced by a rich melting pot of cultures. There are fantastic places to stay all over Puerto Rico, but why not try one of the high-end hotels for a taste of ultimate luxury?

Don't know which area will be best for you? Our team of experts make it their mission to find you the perfect spot for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday. We can also ensure your travel, hotel, and any excursions or activities you plan to do are all sorted.

Once you land in Puerto Rico, we will be there with you to guide you through your holiday and ensure you make the most of your time in the Caribbean.

Staying on the coast will allow you to enjoy some spectacular experiences, from snorkelling or deep-sea fishing in the clear, blue waters to topping up your suntan on the breathtaking Isla Verde.

Popular with honeymooners, the Puerto Rican coast is one of the main attractions, and - thanks to the dedication of key conservation groups - the beaches have stayed relatively unharmed by construction. Although these are popular tourist areas, you will only find small, intimate resorts across the miles of glittering sand and clear waters.

As diverse as its culture - which is influenced by American, Caribbean, African and Spanish influences - is Puerto Rico's landscape. Exploring the mysterious and beautiful rainforests of El Yunque on the east side of the island will make you feel like you are really delving into the wild. Settled on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains, it offers some truly unique views of the island, as well as the opportunity to hike past waterfalls, crags and lush greenery.

In complete contrast are the desert islands found on the south-western side of the island. Here, you will find impassable mangrove swamps but these hide some of the most stunning sights in the whole world - the bioluminescent bays, where you can see the sea glow before your very eyes.

Of course, one of the island's most popular spots - especially for first-time visitors - is San Juan. As the capital of Puerto Rico, it is a hub of culture and history, as well as entertainment and activity, acting as a big draw for travellers.

From exploring the colonial area of Old San Juan - Puerto Rico's oldest settlement - to the natural beauty of Ocean Park and Isla Verde, the capital has plenty to offer visitors and is a great place to focus your efforts if this is your first time trip.

Although Puerto Rico is officially a US territory, the identity of many Puerto Ricans is definitely Latino, so no matter where you stay, you will have plenty of opportunities to delve into this rich culture, whether through one of the many festivals happening or by taking a salsa class with your family.

Renting a car or using public transport will allow you to explore the many contrasting attractions of Puerto Rico, ensuring you don't miss a thing.

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Depending on the type of location you want, the kind of facilities you'd like to find and the proximity to certain attractions, we have a good number of areas for you to choose from and stay at during your holiday.

Whether you want a pumping and energetic beachside retreat, a tranquil setting in a secluded cove, a hillside resort perched in the midst of nature, or a strategic central location close to civilisation and buzzing city life, nightclubs, theme parks and other kinds of leisure attractions, we can advise you on the best places for you.

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Recovering Puerto Rico ready to receive tourism again

After suffering the harsh destructive winds of Hurricane Irma, the enchanting island of Puerto Rico is recovering from the damage and bouncing back to business. The destination is now officially open for tourism once more with over 100 hotels operating and San Juan Airport offering non-stop flight service.

Windstar Cruises returns to San Juan in Puerto Rico

Windstar Cruises has made its return to San Juan in Puerto Rico, following the aftermath of a series of hurricanes that hit the Caribbean region in September. The small-ship cruise line's first ship set sail to the Caribbean island last month to highlight that the country is once again open for business. The company's president also joined staff and passengers on the first sailing.

Puerto Rico plans to welcome back tourists by December

In spite of damage from Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican travel officials say they are hopeful that tourists will return to the islands in December, the beginning of the high tourist season. Many of the island’s hotels remain closed, and hundreds of businesses are without power, but tourism officials are optimistic that the tourists, a major part of the country’s economy, will return this year.