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Located just a three hour drive west of Santo Domingo, this remote and relaxed little town is an undisturbed and unspoilt paradise in the middle of nowhere, perfect for those who seek utmost peace, privacy and tranquility during their Dominican Republic holidays. Founded back in 1802, this province was once a successful fishing town and a famous agricultural city, producing large quantities of coffee and sugar. Nowadays however, is not the actual town what attracts travellers to this natural environment, but the friendliness of the charming locals and the stunning natural location Surrounded by the purest and richest of nature with spectacular cliffs providing the ultimate backdrop the many deserted and secluded beaches, it is ultimately the inviting coastlines and the warmth of the people that make this place so alluring.

But beware those looking for exciting nightlife and modern attractions should look elsewhere. With its rural and modest surroundings, besides the little disco clubs scattered throughout the area, and the very few hotels, there is nothing glitzy about the southwest region. Here, locals live in simple “tejemani” style of houses, made of intertwining sticks and branches. It is perhaps the seclusion and slow-pace of living that make visitors so eager to return. Barahona's unique appeal lies not in its individual belongings, but in the beauty of the surroundings and its warmly hearted people.

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