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Cayo Levisa

A little island formed by the coral reef that extends over a total surface of 4 Km2 , located approximately to 2 Km off the coast of Cuba's mainland in the most oriental area of the Colorado Archipelago, the Cayo Levisa key beautifully emerges as Cuba's most precious natural gem in the northwestern region.

For its outstanding natural marvels and marine beauties the whole of Cayo Levisa has been incorporated to the Areas of Protected National Systems of Cuba as a Protected Area of Local Significance within the category of Protected Natural Landscape. For the delight of many visitors, holidaymakers and divers, besides the personnel working at the Hotel Cayo Levisa and those at the Cayo Levisa International Diving Centre the key is a completely uninhabited place that still preserve its wild environment in an almost virginal state.

The pristine natural conditions of Cayo Levisa are considered exceptional for the quality of its beach and the variety landscape of the underwater life that thrives around the key. Enthusiastic divers will be thrilled to find that the waters that skirt Cayo Levisa are home to the three most important marine ecosystems in the tropics (coralline reefs, swamps and seibadales or pastizales) providing incredible opportunities for the most amazing diving experiences imaginable.

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Horizontes Cayo Levisa

Horizontes Cayo Levisa

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