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Island Paradise

Duration: Full Day

island paradise

For a spectacular day of sailing where you'll be discovering new paradisiacal shores go on this fabulous tour that promises a fun and relaxing day out while on your holiday in Cuba. Experience the thrill of sailing towards a mysterious deserted island of turquoise waters and eternal sunshine with this one-of-a-kind excursion specially made for all those adventurers and explorers out there!

After an hour journey by coach you reach the Marina and sail until you disembark in the island. Here you can conquer the small island of Cayo Saetia, a small tropical wonderland of no less than 12 little beaches and unique heavy forestation that makes up for more than 65% of the island's total area. Of these 12 little turquoise gems, you'll recognise El Penon, Almendra and Gaviota as the most beautiful and breathtaking. Each one of these beaches of unparalleled beauty and endless horizons is made up of fine white sands, crystal clear waters and unique brown rock formations (exclusive to this place) that are found scattered around the shoreline. And this goes without saying that the beauty of its shores and the astounding amount of sea life and living coral reefs found in its seabed also make this an incredible place for amazing diving and snorkelling.

After landing on this little key of treasures and discovery you can hire a jeep to take you around the island in true safari style. Located on Nipe Bay, the largest bay in the whole of Cuba, this tiny island truly is an enticing paradise for visitors thanks to its untouched beaches and richly exotic flora and fauna.

Cayo Saetia, unlike most others Cuban keys has the peculiarity of preserving some rare animal species that have made this the biggest hunting grounds in the country.

Kept by the government as a Natural Reserve, Cayo Saetia is cared for and maintained to preserve its status as a wilderness area, where man's footsteps have hardly trodden. It is this privileged status that has kept the area's original flora and fauna protected up to the present date.

To your amazement and delight you will find in this little island more than you could have possible imagined…from wild boars and buffaloes, to ostriches, peacocks, antelopes, zebras and the endangered cane rats. Other wild species include wild bulls and dozens of species of tropical birds, including the nation's representative… the rare and colourful tocororo.

For this day of discovery and amazement in Cuba's largest nature reserve go on this exciting tour that promises to bring you a day full of surprises. Spend the day at your leisure; indulge in some sun worshipping by the seaside, go swimming or snorkelling and maybe even enjoy a barefoot stroll through the island.

Join us on this Island Paradise Excursion to Cayo Saetia and get ready for a day of pure excitement and adventure!

Horseback riding and jeep safari in the island are optional ($10 pesos extra)

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