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When should I travel to the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands' climate

The Cayman Islands has a tropical climate, with two distinct seasons - summer and winter. Summer, also known as the rainy season, falls from mid-May to October and is typically when the islands receive the most rain (especially in May and October). At this time of year temperatures hit the high 20s and low 30s, while it is also very humid, often making it uncomfortably hot.

During the winter, or dry season, which runs from November to April, temperatures are much more pleasant, usually staying in the low to mid 20s and without the humidity of the summer months. There can still be rain at this time of year, but showers are few and far between and rarely last very long when they do occur. March and April are the months during which the least rain falls.

It is also worth noting that the Caribbean hurricane season runs from June to November and there is always the possibility that the Cayman Islands could be affected by one of these storms, as the islands are situated inside the hurricane belt.

When is it best to travel?

The winter months are considered to be the best time to book a holiday in the Cayman Islands, as temperatures are mildly pleasant, there is plenty of sunshine and little rain. However, this is also when the hotels are at their busiest, so be prepared to pay higher prices if you choose to travel in peak season.

If you're happy to contend with a few showers and sticky heat, it can be worth travelling in the summer for the cheaper deals available at some hotels. Do be prepared for the high humidity, though, especially if you decide to visit in July or August when the weather is at its hottest.

Should there be a particular activity you're keen to have a go at, make sure your holiday plans fit in with the most favourable season for enjoying it.

When is it best for water sports?

One of the most popular activities in the Cayman Islands is scuba diving, a sport that can be enjoyed all year round. However, it is worth pointing out that during the spring and autumn, plankton blooms can affect visibility underwater. In the winter, meanwhile, the Cayman Islands can experience strong winds and while it is always possible to dive somewhere, your choice of sites may be restricted. So for this activity in particular the summer months are best, offering the clearest underwater visibility.

Kitesurfing and sailing are two of the other popular water sports in the Cayman Islands, with the reliable trade winds that the archipelago experiences year-round making these pastimes possible in almost any season. However, keen kitesurfers in particular may want to time their visit to coincide with the strongest winds, which usually blow between November and April.

Other water sports, including paddleboarding, snorkelling, kayaking and jetskiing can be enjoyed regardless of when you travel and many of the Cayman Islands' resorts will offer the necessary equipment to their guests.

Public holidays and events in the Cayman Islands

As the Cayman Islands is predominantly a Christian country, the majority of its public holidays coincide with important religious festivals, such as Christmas and Easter. Its status as a British Overseas Territory also means that it celebrates important dates on the British calendar such as the Queen's Birthday and Remembrance Day.

Other public holidays to be aware of include National Heroes' Day (held on the fourth Monday in January), when the streets of George Town come alive with parades and parties; and Discovery Day (observed on the third Monday in May), which celebrates the archipelago's discovery by Christopher Columbus – this day is also marked by public celebrations and street parties.

If you really want to experience the Cayman Islands in full party mood, plan your holiday to coincide with Pirates Week - a national festival that is usually held in November. The event is typically opened with a mock pirate invasion, and followed by plenty of street parties, concerts, parades, competitions and friendly sporting fixtures. It's a lively time to be in the Cayman Islands and a lot of fun, particularly for families as there are lots of activities for kids to get involved with.

Meterological information

Average °C 272626272728293030292927
Minimum °C 242223232425262626262524
Maximum °C 292929303031323333323230
Sunshine (hours) 88991010101110988
Rain (cm) 9711115131511182211

Cayman Islands Holidays

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Cayman Islands to celebrate 2017 Pirates Week Festival

The Cayman Islands are once again preparing for the annual Pirates Week Festival. From 9th to 13th November, the beautiful islands will be transformed into a swarm of fun and excitement for participants of all ages. The amazing entertainment and cultural activities are looking to commemorate the event’s upcoming 40th Anniversary.

Kimpton Seafire open on Grand Cayman

Kimpton's first Caribbean property, Seafire, is now open in Grand Cayman. Located on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach, the resort takes its name from the beach's well-known sunsets. The resort features 266 guest rooms and suites, with most overlooking the Caribbean. There are also 62 residential units with full access to Seafire's numerous amenities.

Cayman Islands to submit proposal for new $150 million cruise pier

The government of the Cayman Islands is planning to construct a brand new $150 million cruise ship pier. The government must issue a RFP (requests for proposals) for its development by March, 2017, and an engineering consultant has already carried out an environmental impact assessment. The cruise facility is planned for George Town Harbour in the capital on the island of Grand Cayman.