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Get Bluffed in Cayman Brac

Duration: Half Day

Get Bluffed in Cayman Brac

The Cayman Islands have long been associated with a rich history of buccaneers and pirates, but this popular British territory is also renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Out of the three islands, Cayman Brac undoubtedly has the most spectacular scenery and wildlife, which will be revealed on this memorable tour of the “Bluff”, a gigantic central limestone outcrop. The Christopher Columbus Gardens and the Brac Parrot Reserve and are just some of the day’s highlights.

The beautiful island of Cayman Brac acquired its name from the majestic bluff ("brac" in Gaelic), or ridge, that runs down the centre of the island from the west to the east. At the eastern tip the limestone cliffs plunge dramatically into the Caribbean Sea below, but the bluff’s rugged natural beauty isn’t the only attraction. This unique ridge is unexpectedly dotted with sinkholes and caves that were once used by pirates to hide their treasures, whilst the wild, rocky landscape hosts an abundance of wildlife.

Located high atop the bluff is the Brac Parrot Reserve, which is dominated by 180 acres of pristine, ancient woodlands. Here, you can not only see parrots such as the endangered Cayman Brac Parrot and the Grand Cayman Parrot, but also a myriad of other exotic birds and wildlife in addition to a huge variety of trees and shrubbery not found on any of the other Cayman Islands. The Red-Legged Thrush, White Crowned Pigeon, Vitelline Warbler and Black-whiskered Vireo are just some of the bird species likely to be spotted in the woodlands.

A mile-long, self-guided nature trail enables visitors to explore the reserve and appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the island. Look for candlewood, mastic and wild banana orchid plants, as well as air plants, cacti and many other exotic species on your journey, whilst listening to the sounds of the birds high above the treetops. This beautiful natural paradise is a must-visit for wildlife lovers.

Moving onwards, our next stop on the bluff is the beautifully manicured Christopher Columbus Gardens, which boasts a wealth of endemic flora and fauna and spectacular panoramic views of the island and Caribbean Sea. The garden also hosts a gazebo, several boardwalks and a number of stone memorials, including the Wall of Honour, which lists 500 names of past and present important individuals in the community who have contributed to the development of the Islands over the last 500 years. There is also a relief of Christopher Columbus, who first visited the island in 1503 when his shop was blown off course. Take a leisurely stroll through the park to appreciate its scenic beauty and wonderful views.

Not to be missed during your holiday in the Cayman Islands, this diverse tour is one of the best ways to discover the exquisite natural treasures of Cayman Brac.

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