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Where to go in Bermuda

A bit about Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful British Overseas Territory located in the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the Caribbean, with a lot to offer all kinds of travellers. While its beaches may be legendary for their pink sand, these are far from being the only attractions in the island.

Although Bermuda is often thought of as a single landmass, it is, in fact, made up of 181 islets, rocks and islands - many of these are uninhabited, though. The eight largest are linked by bridges and causeways, making it incredibly easy to move between them. The main island is just 21 sq miles in size, so it's relatively straightforward to discover every part of Bermuda during your holiday.

There are many excellent resorts and hotels in Bermuda that offer five-star luxury, as well as more affordable accommodation options. Many of these are located along the island's coast, which extends over some 75 miles, ensuring that you're never too far from the beach.

Explore Hamilton

Hamilton is Bermuda's capital and it's a bustling harbour city that's a real delight to explore. Even if you're not staying here, you need to make sure you allow at least one day to uncover its charms. The houses that line the streets and waterfront are painted in pretty pastel colours, the pace of life is relaxed and there are plenty of attractions to discover.

For culture lovers, there are several museums and galleries, including the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and the City Hall and Arts Centre, which houses the Bermuda National Arts Gallery and the City Hall Theatre.

The island's British heritage can be seen in the architecture, with buildings like Sessions House (where parliament meets) and the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity both being excellent examples of colonial design. Victoria Park, with its sunken flowerbeds and bandstand, is another spot that's got an unmistakably English character.

As well as being great for those seeking culture, Hamilton is an outstanding shopping destination. Alongside stores selling local handicrafts and rum, you'll find high-end boutiques that stock a host of imported goods.

Discover Bermuda's coast

With 75 miles of coastline, Bermuda certainly isn't short of beaches - and it's these that originally made the island famous. What makes them stand out is the pink tinge to the sand, which is caused by micro-organisms that live in the coral.

There are gorgeous stretches of sand all along Bermuda's coast, although some of the best are located in the west end of the island. In Warwick Parish you will find the impressive Warwick Long Bay, which is an unspoilt bay that runs for 5 miles. Just offshore is a coral island, which is a great place for snorkelling. Also in this part of Bermuda is the charming Jobson's Cove - a small but delightful spot that's surrounded by sheer cliffs.

Southampton Parish also boasts some of the isle's most stunning beaches, like West Whale Bay Beach, where you can spot humpback whales from the shore during April, and Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is one of the most famous in Bermuda.

The latter is a breathtaking crescent of sand and there's a small beach house nearby that sells food and rents snorkelling equipment.

Travelling around Bermuda

As Bermuda is relatively small, it's not difficult to explore the whole island during your holiday. Although it's not possible to rent a car here, you can hire bicycles or mopeds to help you get from A to B. There are also plenty of taxis, while a more sedate - and romantic - way to travel is by horse-drawn carriage.

There are frequent bus services that connect most places on the isle as well, while you can also hop on a ferry to see Bermuda from the water as you make your way between destinations. If you're not sure of the best way to get around once you arrive, speak to the staff at your hotel for advice about the various transport options available.

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Willowbank Hotel in Bermuda to Officially Open as a Family Hotel in May

The Willowbank hotel in Bermuda will officially reopen to guests this month after being closed as a fully functional hotel since 2011. The property sits in Somerset on the west coast, has rebranded as a family hotel. It has 50 guest rooms plus facilities including a new swimming pool, a fitness centre, a basketball court, children's area, and tennis courts.

Rosewood Bermuda reopening this month after an extensive renovations

The Luxury Hotel brand Rosewood is getting set to relaunch the former Rosewood Tucker’s Point in Bermuda. The luxury resort has been rebranded to Rosewood Bermuda and it is going through the last stage of a $25 million renovation project. The property is due to open this month will feature upgraded accommodation and facilities including its beach club, spa and golf clubhouse.

Bermuda records surge in tourist arrivals in 2017

Tourism in Bermuda soared in 2017, according to new data released by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. More than 690,000 visitors visited the Caribbean island last year, which was a four percent increase on the nation's record set in 2007. Occupancy levels in hotels on the island averaged at 63 percent, which was nine percent increase compared to 2016.