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When should I travel to Bermuda?

It's possible to plan a holiday in Bermuda at any time of the year, although it is at its busiest and most vibrant during the summer (April to October). This is when the air and sea temperatures are at their warmest and, because it is considered to be high season, it's also when there's a greater variety of entertainment available.

The best time for you to travel to Bermuda will probably depend on what you want to do when you get there - the summer is the ideal season to have a go at water sports because the sea is nice and warm, while the lower humidity and cooler air in the winter make this the most favourable time for the likes of golf and hiking.

Bermuda's climate

Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the Caribbean, where it is warmed by the Gulf Stream. This has the advantage of ensuring the island's temperature rarely drops below the mid-teens, while allowing it to avoid the worst of the hurricane season that can hit other Caribbean destinations.

Storms do occasionally hit Bermuda, but the likelihood of experiencing a hurricane is lower here than elsewhere in the region.

During the summer months, temperatures average between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius, with the hottest and most humid months being July to September. The high humidity at this time of the year can make it feel a lot warmer than it actually is, so be prepared for this. The sea temperature is very pleasant during this season too, making it wonderful for all kinds of water sports.

In the winter, the air temperature averages around 21 degrees Celsius, but the water is quite a bit colder, which may make going for a swim a little less tempting. Because the humidity is lower, though, the conditions are balmy but not stifling, meaning you can enjoy getting active on the island at this time of the year.

Summer: best for Bermuda's water sports

There are a host of water sports you can try in Bermuda and, although many of these are offered all year round, the summer is generally considered to be the best time to take the plunge as this is when the sea is at its warmest.

Options like sailing and kayaking are great at any time of the year, but in the summer you can also take snorkelling gear with you so that you can see some of Bermuda's colourful marine life if you fancy a break from paddling or steering a course.

For thrill seekers, the likes of parasailing and water skiing are real musts, with both of these sports seeing you towed behind a speed boat. With the former, you'll be attached to a parachute that effectively allows you to 'fly' over the water, while for the latter you'll need all your balance and skill to stay on the skis and avoid getting soaked.

Scuba diving is another popular water-based sport in Bermuda. The peak diving season begins in mid-March and runs through to November, although most operators continue to run excursions in the winter months when it's a bit chillier.

There are amazing coral reefs and a host of fascinating shipwrecks for you to discover beneath the waves. Many of these wrecks are in relatively shallow water, making them easily accessible for divers with all levels of experience, while snorkellers can even see some of them right below the surface.

Winter: ideal for land-based pursuits

When the weather is a little cooler, many holidaymakers head to Bermuda for the island's land-based attractions, such as its golf courses and hiking trails.

There are seven championship golf courses on the island, providing plenty of variety for anyone who wants to tee off. Many of these are in stunning locations, with the Port Royal Golf Course being just one perfect example that boasts amazing sea views.

Hiking is another popular pastime in the winter, with a wide variety of trails that will suit all kinds of walkers. Some are short, gentle strolls, while others are longer treks - so it's up to you how active you want to get on your holiday.

Horseback riding is yet another way to get around on the isle, with numerous trails in Bermuda being suitable for this activity. It's lovely to go for an early morning ride along the seashore - the northern coast of Bermuda is an especially wonderful spot for a canter.

There are also 100 tennis courts in Bermuda and, while these are open year-round, you'll get less hot and sweaty if you play a game during the winter. In fact, the racquet sport is a national pastime, so you'll be in good company if you play a few sets with the locals.

Meterological information

Average °C 201818182022252727272522
Minimum °C 171515151719222424242219
Maximum °C 222121212325283030302724
Sunshine (hours) 555688999766
Rain (cm) 9141111121371319121610

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