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Out-and-about Bermuda

Duration: Half Day

Out-and-about Bermuda

Enjoy the personal touch during your holiday in Bermuda as you take a walking tour of the island with long-term resident Jo Cook. Not only will she lead off the beaten track to areas not normally known to tourists, but you can also gain a rich insight into the history and culture of the island which could only be obtained from a local. This is a wonderful experience not to be missed.

‘Out and About Bermuda’ is one of the most interesting ways to explore the stunning Bermuda archipelago, which actually comprises approximately 138 islands despite often being referred to as a single island. These fascinating walking tours will enable you to appreciate Bermuda’s natural beauty, charm and historical treasures through the eyes of your knowledgeable local guide, Jo Cook. Jo was born in Britain but has lived in Bermuda for over 25 years with her Bermudian husband and now calls it home. Her love for the island is evident, which is why she helps visitors and tourists make the most of it whilst they are here by organising special walking tours for individuals, families and small groups. You can rest assured you will be in the best of hands as Jo reveals many of the cultural, historical and environmental aspects of Bermuda that you won’t find in tourist guidebooks. In addition, all walks are personally designed to fit your schedule, interests and energy levels.

Bermuda offers a vast number of walks to choose from, but Jo has a few favourites that she will happily share with others. Some of the most picturesque can be found along the old Bermuda Railway Trail, which runs 22 miles across the length of the island from St George Parish in the east to Somerset Parish in the west, via the city of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital. Maps and guides are available if you choose to explore on your own, but a personal tour will give you a much richer insight into the history and beauty of the island.

One recommended stretch of the Railway Trail is Hog Bay Park near Somerset Bridge, which is reputedly the world's smallest drawbridge. The peak of the ascent will reward you with breathtaking views of the Great Sound, Spanish Point and the Dockyard. Another of Jo’s favourite spots on the island is Blue Hole Park and Walsingham Nature Reserve (otherwise known as “Tom Moore's Jungle"), which incorporates stunning coastline, lush mangroves and dense forested land. Here you can explore underground cave systems, snorkel in shallow bays and walk along a maze of paths in untouched, tranquil surroundings. This is an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in nature as you can spot a huge variety of indigenous plants, birds and other wildlife on the way.

This is a just a small selection of the walking tours available. If you want to explore more, Jo can also advise you on ways to discover Bermuda independently so you don’t miss a thing.

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P&O Cruise to become first British cruise line to offer same-sex weddings at sea

P&O Cruises has made history recently after becoming the first British cruise line to offer same sex weddings at sea. The first wedding ceremony will take place on the island of Azura in the Caribbean in January, 2018, after a Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages are now legal in Bermuda, where the majority of P&O’s ships are registered. The wedding next year will be conducted by the ship’s captain.

Carnival's new ship to set sail for Bermuda

Carnival Cruise Line's largest ship to date is set to make its maiden voyage in the spring of 2018. Carnival Horizon, the second ship in its Vista line, will begin its career between Barcelona and New York before transitioning to a permanent base in Miami. From there, Horizon will make regular trips to Bermuda for six- and eight-night voyages.

Ritz-Carlton to open Ritz-Carlton Reserve Resort in Bermuda

Ritz-Carlton has announced it will open a new luxury hotel in Bermuda in 2018. The Ritz-Carlton Reserve will be situated on a site boasting 2.5 miles of sandy shoreline and will operate under a management agreement with George's Bay Hotel Ltd and George's Bay Residences. The property will be the second Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotel to open in the Caribbean.