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Nature and Scenic Walks

Duration: Half Day

Nature and Scenic Walks

Walking in Bermuda is one of the best ways to appreciate the natural beauty of the island, and there are so many scenic trails to choose from. Combining historic architecture, beautiful coastline and magnificent scenery with an abundance of wildlife, there are many hidden gems to discover throughout the archipelago.

If you want to explore Bermuda on foot, you can either choose to venture off on your own or take a guided tour with an experienced historian or naturalist to really get the most from the experience. Either way, walking is a great way to get off the beaten track and discover hidden gems that you may not otherwise have found. Some of the most popular walks can be found along Bermuda’s stunning coastline. Although Bermuda is often referred to as a single island, it actually comprises approximately 138 islands, so there is a lot of coastline to cover! Stunning pink-sand beaches, tranquil bays, crystal caves and sparkling turquoise waters lure many a traveller to Bermuda’s shores, and these are just some of the highlights.

Many of the coastal walks can be combined with island history as numerous historic colonial sites are dotted around the coast. Archeological treasures such as the mid 19th century Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, which is reputedly the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world, and Fort Hamilton, built in the 1870s to protect Hamilton Harbour, are just some of the sights not to miss. The Royal Naval Dockyard, the former headquarters of the British Navy in the early 19th century, is also a popular place for visitors to explore as the area boasts a rich maritime history.

If you want to get closer to nature during your holiday in Bermuda, there are many opportunities to do so. Trekking through the island’s beautiful nature reserves and National Parks are a great way to familiarise yourself with the native flora and fauna, whilst enjoying some of Bermuda’s most magnificent scenery. Scenic walks through Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Padget Park Nature Reserve, Blue Hole Park and Walsingham Nature Reserve will enable you to spot a rich diversity of wildlife in a wide rage of habitats. From wetlands and beaches to dense forest and sub-tropical vegetation, you will come across a myriad of resident and migratory birds, including waterfowl, herons, kiskadees and the white-eyed vireo, as well as many other endemic creatures. Nature lovers will be in their element.

Some of Bermuda’s most popular walking trails can be accessed along the old Bermuda Railway Trail, which runs almost the entire length of the island from St George Parish in the east to Somerset Parish in the west via the city of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital. Affectionately known as the ‘Old Rattle and Shake’ after the island’s only train, this historic route is now a public walkway and cycle path, which provides a wonderful, alternative way to appreciate the coastal and inland beauty of Bermuda.

Many parts of the trail open out to the coast, enabling you to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Great Sound, as well as beautiful secluded beaches such as Shelley Bay and Whale Bay. Other routes will lead you through picturesque nature reserves and past old forts and lighthouses. Whichever part of the archipelago you explore, Bermuda will surprise you with a wealth of natural, cultural and historic treasures to enrich the experience.

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