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Dolphin Encounter Bermuda Maritime Museum

Duration: Half Day

dolphin encounter bermuda maritime museum

The Dolphin Encounter at the Bermuda Maritime Museum is a fantastic and thrilling experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family - a true highlight of your Bermuda holiday. Dolphins are possibly the most magnificent creatures you will ever see. Each of these gentle mammals is highly intelligent, well trained and a huge amount of fun.

As you enter the water, the dolphins greet you with a hug (if instructed by the trainer) and allow you to touch their slick skin. You can participate in a number of tricks such as holding on to the dolphins as they swim through the water and surfing along the water as two dolphins push your feet. The activities vary as they are chosen by the trainer.

The Bermuda Maritime Museum provides you with masks, so you can view and play with the dolphins underwater. You can also ride underwater scooters alongside the dolphins to try and keep up with them. There is a submersible bench where you can to sit and wait for the dolphins to come to you. If instructed by the trainers they may come and give you a kiss on the cheek or a high five. You can see the way they interact with other people and view their amazing behaviour up close.

Throughout your time with the dolphins, the trainers will point out fascinating and interesting facts and are always eager to answer questions. There is also a conservation interactive quiz game to increase your knowledge of these fascinating creatures. Finally, you can enjoy a dolphin show which is a memorable event in its own right. You will see them jump metres in the air, through hoops and play with the trainers. The dolphins may even prove to be Basketball Stars as they show off their ball skills in the water, often ending with a slam dunk.

Each Dolphin Encounter is different, dependent on the trainer and the guests however, no matter what games you play with the dolphins it is sure to be a fun experience. Your Dolphin Encounter will be captured on both video and camera, so you can share this incredible experience with others when you get home. No matter how old you are, the Dolphin Encounter is a fantastic addition to your Bermuda holiday.

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