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scuba diving, discover scuba

Boasting hundreds of mysterious shipwrecks and over 200 square miles of coral reefs, which host an abundance of marine life, Bermuda is regarded as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the Atlantic Ocean – if not the world. This exciting trip will reveal some of Bermuda’s most exciting undersea treasures.

Aside from beautiful coral reefs and exciting marine life, one of the main reasons why divers are drawn to Bermuda is the fact that there are over 300 shipwrecks lying scattered off this beautiful archipelago’s coast, giving the country a reputation for being a world-class wreck diving destination. Dating back from the 16th to the 20th century, these wrecks vary from historic wrecks to artificial wrecks sunk especially for divers. You can explore everything from old Spanish galleons to modern Ocean liners, many of which have sunk under violent circumstances.

Bermuda was previously known as “Isle of Devils” by early seamen because of the large numbers of ships that met their doom in unchartered waters after hitting the treacherous coral reefs surrounding these hook-shaped islands. Now Bermuda is regarded as an exciting underwater wonderland, offering unlimited exploration and undersea adventures. Whether you are an experienced diver or just a beginner taking your very first all-important dive, diving around these paradise islands is an experience of a lifetime.

Your first scuba diving lesson is the most important one. If you have a wonderful experience, it will hopefully encourage you to go on to enjoy many more exciting diving adventures all over the world. Your professional, experienced diving operator will provide excellent instructions and an unforgettable experience to treasure. Your lesson will begin by learning the necessary skills and techniques needed for your dive. Once you are comfortable with everything you have been taught, you will then be taken to a shallow wreck for your first open dive. If you or your instructor feels that you are not ready for any reason, you can enjoy snorkelling in more swallow waters instead.

Explore the beauty of Bermuda’s mysterious underwater world, through ancient wrecks and along spectacular colourful reefs covered by hundreds of hard and soft coral species, sponges and sea fans. Swim amongst schools of tropical fish, including parrot fish, angel fish, trumpet fish, groupers and barracuda, and get up close to starfish, octopus, green moray eels, crabs, spiny lobsters and many other fascinating marine species.

The pristine pink-sand beaches and alluring turquoise waters draw thousands of visitors to the islands every year, but a holiday in Bermuda wouldn’t be complete without discovering the awe-inspiring beauty that lies under the surface.

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Bermuda records surge in tourist arrivals in 2017

Tourism in Bermuda soared in 2017, according to new data released by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. More than 690,000 visitors visited the Caribbean island last year, which was a four percent increase on the nation's record set in 2007. Occupancy levels in hotels on the island averaged at 63 percent, which was nine percent increase compared to 2016.

P&O Cruise to become first British cruise line to offer same-sex weddings at sea

P&O Cruises has made history recently after becoming the first British cruise line to offer same sex weddings at sea. The first wedding ceremony will take place on the island of Azura in the Caribbean in January, 2018, after a Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages are now legal in Bermuda, where the majority of P&O’s ships are registered. The wedding next year will be conducted by the ship’s captain.

Carnival's new ship to set sail for Bermuda

Carnival Cruise Line's largest ship to date is set to make its maiden voyage in the spring of 2018. Carnival Horizon, the second ship in its Vista line, will begin its career between Barcelona and New York before transitioning to a permanent base in Miami. From there, Horizon will make regular trips to Bermuda for six- and eight-night voyages.